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How to Choose A Reliable International Packers and Movers

Most of the time we rely on the internet to search packers and movers near me, which actually helps us to find reliable movers and packers in our town. But, sometimes we encounter rogue movers even we have chosen them from a reliable portal. That happens because we don’t do enough research about the company.

It’s important to hire the best and professional relocation service provider in India for your move, especially when it’s a cross-country move. Search for a reliable international packers and movers company in India.

And if you have no idea how you can find trusted and experienced international movers and packers in India then do not worry, we are here to help you.

Here in this article, we will share the easy but the best tips to find out the reliable and professional packers and movers experts in overseas relocation.

Tips to Choose Professional Packers and Movers in India for an International Move

Relocation to a new country could be very challenging. Packing the goods and moving them abroad with safety is not easy. Also, people go through stress and deal with moving chaos when moving to a new country.

But all the problems and chaos can be eradicated with a few steps. Amongst which the first step is to hire reliable and experienced packers and movers. Moving agencies experienced in the international move are armed with talented, skilled, and trained staff members. Also, they have all the equipment and the latest technologies which they use to load-unload goods.

Let’s find out the right ways to hire the best and reliable international packers and movers in India who can handle your upcoming cross-country move.

Find the licensed and certified companies

When browsing the internet for searching the best international moving companies in India, search for the certifications listed on their website. Most reliable and authentic organizations showcase their certifications and license on their website itself. So, you can gather information from their website only.

But don’t just rely on their online presence rather visit their office and meet in person. Schedule a meeting with the company’s executive and visit the office. There you can ask them to show all the credentials and licenses of the company that ensures the company is licensed and authentic.

Get references from friends and neighbors

How about asking your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances for a reliable moving agency.  They can help you to find the best one based on their real experience. Not only then can share their experience but also help you to know the common mistakes people do while hiring packers and movers and how to avoid them depending on their experience.

This is a great way to find the best moving company. But remember, when moving to a new country, you should only take help from people who have already availed of international relocation services,  have worked with any agency, or their relatives have moved abroad. Only this way they can be helpful to you selecting a reliable moving agency for an international move.

Check company’s reviews

The past customers can also tell you a lot about a moving company. So, check a moving company’s online review. Most companies have fake reviews and testimonials on their site. Therefore, check google reviews or take the reference of specific review webpages.  There you will find honest reviews of the customers.

Remember even the good and reliable agencies have some bad reviews but that shouldn’t be too many. So don’t be judgemental and take your decision wisely. Notice what type of negative reviews the company has. Find out the common problems faced by people in every bad review you see. And if there are good reviews then what the company is good at.

Ensure the company conducts an ‘in-home’ inspection

Moving abroad with loads of goods means lots of challenges to face. To ensure a safe and hassle-free intercity relocation, your reliable mover will conduct an in-home inspection to evaluate the quantity of the goods. They will either come in-person to examine the goods or do it in a video call. But remember a dependable mover will never quote a price over the phone, without examining the goods.

If your mover will conduct a pre-move survey to provide the exact estimate of your cross-country move then they are the dependable movers you can rely on.

Check their professional skills and experience

Ensure the company is skilled and experienced in international shifting or else you won’t be able to have a safe and successful overseas move. To check they are professional and experienced enough ask them to show their previous projects. You can also ask for the clients’ details (if possible). If that’s confidential and they cannot share the details, ask them to show the copies of the receipt, bills, etc. they have generated to their past customers.

They will review your estimate

Moving companies that provide an estimate you are comfortable with are the best ones. If you are unsure about their charges or fees, then the movers must explain it to you. Also, they will provide the information of extra charges when and why you will be charged. After all, you would never want to get surprised with surplus charges at the end of your move. So, hire the right and reliable international relocation service provider who explains the terms and conditions to you.


If you are ready for your big international move then follow the above-discussed tips to hire the best and most reliable international packers and movers in India. Also, you can rely on any trusted transport service booking portals where you get a list of overseas packers and movers from India to Dubai, the USA, Singapore, Australia, etc. Check their extensive range of reliable packers and movers for International moves and finalize your deal with the best one.

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