indonesiabased noice 22m series

Indonesia-based NOICE has just announced its 22M Series, a groundbreaking program designed to drive digital innovation for the country’s youth. This series is a collaborative effort between NOICE and the Indonesian government that aims to equip young Indonesians with the technical know-how needed to succeed in the modern tech industry. The series provides an extensive range of resources and activities that will help young people hone their digital skills, from coding and data analysis to creative problem solving. indonesiabased noice 22m series

Indonesia-based NOICE 22M is making waves in the startup world, as it has recently announced a successful Series A funding of $22 million. Founded in 2018, this tech startup has quickly become a leader in the financial services industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative products to provide customers with access to affordable banking solutions. indonesiabased noice 22m series

Indonesia is proving itself to be a key player in the global tech startup space. With its new Series-A funding round, Noice is evidence of this growing trend. Noice, a Jakarta-based music streaming platform, has received 22 million US dollars in an investment from some of the top venture capital firms in the region. This investment will propel Noice to expand their operations and introduce innovative features that will differentiate them from competitors.

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