Important Things to Consider While Taking School Admission in Pune High Schools

Pune undoubtedly has some of the best schools in the country on account of its long tradition of being an educational center of excellence. This has been the case since colonial times on account of the fine weather and cosmopolitan nature of the city. It is not surprising, therefore, that high schools in Pune are most sought after due to the fact that studying there helps shape the future of students in the best possible manner.  Obtaining school admission in Pune is a cherished dream for parents not just in the city, but also in other parts of the country. Given below are the factors that one must take into account when zeroing in on the right high school in Pune to put one’s child into.


The curriculum that a school offers to its students is an important factor in the choice of a Pune high school. Curriculums like CBSE and ICSE are the ones that are the most sought after in the country. That apart, there is a fair bit of demand for the International Baccalaureate curriculum too. One should ensure that the school that one chooses for one’s child offers the appropriate curriculum.


A school is largely as good as its faculty. Schools that spare no expense in hiring the best trained and most experienced teachers are the ones that are expected to instill the right kind of academic vigor in the students. Such schools are most likely to have the best academic track records as well something that augurs very well for the students.

Facilities and Amenities

Education these days is all about holistic development that comes on account of an interplay of academic, sports, extracurricular and co-curricular activities that help broaden the horizon of students.  It is important, therefore, that the school that one puts one’s child into should have a great campus, well-appointed classrooms, excellent sports facilities, canteens, auditoriums, and so on.

Pedigree of the School

The pedigree and the reputation of the school in question definitely matter as the school that one goes to has a bearing on how people perceive somebody in life. Pune is quite lucky in this regard as it has a large number of high schools in Pune That are quite well endowed in this regard. It would, however, make eminent sense to carry out the right kind of research, before zeroing in on the school that is just right for one’s child.


The fee that a school charges is one of the most important determinants of the choice of a school for one’s child in Pune or any other city for that matter. Quite a few of the well-reputed schools are expensive and sometimes beyond the budget of the parents in question. In such cases, one can enquire if there are any kind of scholarships on offer with regard to the school in question. That being stated, there are great schools across the budget spectrum in the city of Pune.


Pune has a large number of excellent high schools to choose from. One can choose the right one for one’s child after factoring in the above pointers.

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