How to Use Asana Demo to Organize Your Personal Life

Asana is a web-based management tool that helps teams work together on project tasks, lists, and other activities. It can help managers track progress and employees communicate on the same portal. Although mostly it is used by businesses to manage their daily operations, The Asana demo can be utilized for personal use as well. It is essentially a task management tool so it can help organize lists and activities for any purpose.  

Asana comes with a mobile application and users who are already familiar with the interface because of their work can create a separate account for their home life too. The free version offers many powerful tools where users can create separate workspaces, use due dates, include projects and color-code tasks. The flexibility and level of customization offered by the software can help anyone keep track of their pending tasks and get their life back on track. 

The task of setting up an account is simple and only requires an email address where all the notifications and reminders will be sent. There are certain things to figure out before setting up a workspace. For example, how many tasks will you be adding and how will you be arranging them to maximize visibility. It can all be done in a matter of minutes by following the hierarchy settings. There are privacy setting options too which can help you keep your personal life separate.  

Listed below are five different ways you can use the Asana project management software to make your life more organized.  

Create Shopping Lists 

The best thing about the Asana demo is that it can be used to execute simple as well as complex tasks depending on the user’s needs. For personal use, it can be used to create lists, especially for grocery shopping. Creating a new project on the portal is easy and it has a built-in list view that is perfect for such occasions. Users can type in the products they need to purchase and organize them into different sections.  

If users are grocery shopping for a dinner party or a large family, they can separate items according to the aisle they will find them in. If the items on the list are available at different stores then the tasks can be divided into subtasks. These include reminders to check expiration dates, available alternatives and ask about discounts applicable on specific items.  

Using Asana project management software to create a shopping list is the best way to remember everything you need and organize it in one place. With the mobile app, you can take the list with you wherever you go. It also has a checklist option so you can cross items off as soon as you have placed them in the shopping cart. 

Organize Family Schedules 

Some people prefer to have their schedules visually mapped out for them. Asana features include Boards where you can create a weekly schedule by separating it into seven different columns for each day of the week. Families can add their tasks, appointments, errands, chores, and other reminders for each day. The tasks can be assigned to a family member so they get a reminder for it. 

Even if the family members do not have an account on the platform, there are color-coded tags that can be used to differentiate the tasks for each individual. The calendar can then be printed out and distributed or displayed in a common area so everyone can see it and follow the schedule. The Asana demo has options to reschedule appointments as well and it is as simple as dragging and dropping tasks to another date. There are also sorting options so members can only view the tasks that mention them.  

Asana makes it easier to organize the weekly schedule and share access with anyone. It allows users to conveniently track items and add due dates for any time-sensitive task. The software is not only for professional teams but can be used by family and friends too. 

Track Personal Expenses 

Asana has made it easy for users to track their expenses and save their bills all in a single location. A new project can be used as an expense tracker with each task representing the item, they spent money on. Asana demo is much more convenient than a spreadsheet because you can color code and sort everything with the click of a button.  

Asana helps users remember when to expect a deduction from their bank account in case of automated billing. It can categorize the expenses according to fixed and variable factors as well. Users can set a due date and repeat it every month with the help of the system. There are options to attach files or receipts wherever possible which can prove to be very useful when filing taxes.  

Track Personal Habits 

The Asana project management tool can be used to track habits and adopt new ones. Users can categorize their morning and evening routines in the form of tasks and add additional information or reminders wherever necessary. Every task can be repeated daily, weekly, or even monthly depending on how often you want to do it. For example, those who want to exercise three times a week can create a reminder for three days a week and log in the number of hours they spent doing it. 

The software uses a checklist as well users can cross items off their list as they do it which is a great way to boost your ego. There are ways to create subtasks for certain activities like meals which are taken three or more times a day. Users can count their calories, the food groups they are putting in their bodies, and which items they are cutting back on.  


The software is very useful for organizing activities and lists for personal use as well. It can simplify your life with comprehensive planning. Although Asana is meant to target professional teams, it can be used by families too. They can keep track of all their goals, activities, and spending from a single platform. 

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