How to Photograph Glasses On Still Life? [2022]

Do you have eyewear e-commerce? Whether they are optical or sunglasses, with transparent or mirrored lenses, frames with metal inserts, or reflective plastic, taking product photos when it comes to objects with these characteristics is anything but simple. The risk of making some mistakes is always around the corner! To get fast results regarding Photograph Glasses On Still Life, you must employ a skilled image manipulation service at the lowest rates. 

In fact, these are materials that reflect light and which make the exposure meter reading problematic. So how to photograph glasses in a still life? Let’s see how to pay attention to the steps to be taken and, above all, to those not to be taken.

4 Mistakes NOT To Make When Shooting


To understand how to photograph still life glasses you need to know what are the pitfalls that can make you fall into error. Here are the most common:

  1. Do not aim the flash straight at the reflective part as it will result in a beautiful white halo. Then remember that to photograph still life glasses you have to fill the viewfinder as much as possible: this allows you to take advantage of the sensor avoiding the creation of white areas.
  2. Pay attention to where you put yourself when taking the photo, especially if in the case of mirrored lenses: you could physically end up in the image and this is certainly an effect to avoid when photographing still life glasses.
  3. Check all other reflections as well. Shapes of what is reflected in them may be seen on the lenses, and one of the effects may make them appear bent.
  4. Always remember to clean the lenses well before shooting: the halo of a fingerprint is the first thing you notice on a glass or mirror surface.

3 Tips To Photograph Still Life Glasses Correctly


  1. To photograph reflective objects correctly, lighting is essential, in fact, the lights must be placed sideways, to show the subject at its best without dazzling it.
  2. The camera must be placed higher than the product, in order to minimize reflections, being careful not to exaggerate with the distance in order not to lose the right perspective.
  3. A little secret to bringing out a transparent and reflective surface, such as that of the lenses, is to place a white panel in the direction of the reflection.

How To Photograph Still Life Glasses With The Right Professional!


If you need to photograph glasses to sell and you are looking for a photographer who can create perfect still-life photos for you, you can contact Adept Clipping Path, a professional photo editing service.

To take still life photos of glasses in a few simple steps, you can commission them at a really advantageous price. Ordering the service is simple:

  • Access the site and indicate your preferences by following the instructions of the virtual assistant.
  • Make the payment and prepare the products: a courier will come to collect them.
  • Wait 72 hours and download the images from your client area.
  • The goods will always be returned to your home by courier.


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