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How to increase Customer Engagement using Missed Call Solution in Business

Missed Call Solution in Business

A missed call is disconnected without being answered. People use it to communicate with one another for free. Giving a missed call to a certain number comes at no cost to the consumer, resulting in a higher profit margin. When a customer calls your number, the system rejects the call after one or two rings and saves the caller’s details in the CRM or live panel. This technique saves clients time and reduces your agents’ manual intervention. It will boost your team’s efficiency by automating the process of dealing with consumer inquiries.

Real-time updates:

When a customer leaves you a missed call, the cloud servers automatically save and update the CRM information. Not only that, but it also refreshes automatically while preserving important consumer data at no expense to your business. Customers would not have to fill out long and boring forms to subscribe to your services if they could leave a missed call. Whether a startup or an established company, such a service could be crucial to your success, especially if your revenue strategy is based on memberships and CODs.

Increase lead generation:

Any business that wants to make money needs to generate leads. Missed call service is a plus for your sales staff in this case. Providing your clients with the option of making a missed call naturally encourages them to use your service because it makes contacting you easier and eliminates several intermediate layers of communication. Missed call solution gives lead generations promising higher return on investment (ROI), easily tracked across multiple marketing efforts. It also improves your lead management process by informing you about consumers who may be retargeted in the future.

Excellent cost-effective tool:

Businesses are always on the alert for cost-effective methods to assist them in cutting marketing expenditures, including generating leads. One of the benefits of the cloud telephony-based platform is the missed call alert. Assume the organisation has decided to use cloud telephony functions. In that situation, they should also consider missed call services and other features such as IVR solutions, CRM interfaces, Call forwarding, Inbound and outgoing call monitoring, and so on; additionally, a missed call is inexpensive when compared to the benefits it provides. As a result, the missed call service is a great cost-effective tool for both the firm and the client.

Reduced agent work:

It is logical to assume that because the customer dialled the number, they are already interested in what the firm offers. As a result, the agent’s job is already half done. Furthermore, the agents do not need to fetch for leads because the clients have called and left their phone numbers and contact information in the database.

Boost customer satisfaction:

A miss call service saves both time and work for the customer. Customers may hear a busy tone, experience call disconnect, or be unable to speak with a live person and must instead speak with a machine. There is no need for the caller to wait long or listen to pre-recorded voices.

Enhance interactivity for campaigns:

For voters, sending an SMS to participate in a poll has always been a pricey endeavour. Spending rupees for each vote created a barrier to the voting process, eventually lowering customer excitement. Taking a look around, the missed call service has revolutionised e-voting and surveys. The entire procedure was streamlined by replacing message responses with missed call responses. Customers with the mobile phone were the only ones who could vote through SMS. Missed call voting overcomes this limitation as well, allowing customers with landlines to participate actively in surveys and polls.

For obtaining feedback: 

If a company concentrates on pre-sales service, it is likely to fail. To address a business’s flaws, one must first determine what the flaw is. With the assistance of the missed call alert service, one can obtain consumer feedback to determine what the customers genuinely require and want.

Swift to missed call solution

The consumer benefits from the missed call alert service because there is no cost. This solution improves client engagement by allowing you to customize how you reply to a missed call. So, acquire this service from a missed call service provider like Knowlarity as it allows you to expand your business reach by tracking and analysing all of your actions while optimising your target audience.

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