How to Determine the LED Status of My TP Link Extender?

The LEDs on your TP Link extender reveals useful information about your device. So, it is very important for you to understand the working status of the extender’s LEDs.

In this article, we have provided information about the LED status of your TP link extender. Read on!

TP Link Extender WPS LED

If the WPS LED on your TP link WiFi range extender has started blinking and become solid green shortly, then it means that the WPS connection is successful. In the event that it continues to blink, then wait till it gets stable.

TP link troubleshooting: Just in case, it doesn’t become stable, press the power button and try connecting your router to the TP link extender using the WPS button once again. This time, the WPS LED on your extender will surely become green and stable.

  • If you have used a wireless source for the same, ensure that you are connected to your own WiFi network only.
  • To check if the WPS connection between your devices is sucecssfully established or not, try to access tplinkrepeater.net login  page on a PC or laptop.

If the aforementioned TP link troubleshooting tips worked for you, do let us know via comments.

The Signal LEDs

The signal lights on your TP link extender will give you the accurate information if you have configured the device using  http://tplinkrepeater.net  web address correctly or not. 

Once you have connected your TP link extender to the router, the signal LED will become solid green. This indicates that the connection between your router and extender is good enough (no matter how many bars are there).

On the off chance if the LED is solid or blinking red, then it indicates that your TP link extender is placed too far from the reach of your WiFi router.

TP link troubleshooting: To fix the TP link red LED issue, move your range extender closer to router.

Just in case, the LED is solid or blinking orange, then it means that your range extender is placed too closer to router. So, to deal with it, place your TP link extender and router accordingly.

The accurate distance between your extender and router must not exceed the limit of 50 feet. Apart from this, the devices shouldn’t be placed too closer than 30 feet.

We hope that this  TP link troubleshooting  tip worked for you to fix the status of the signal LED on your range extender.

TP Link Extender No LED

If you do not see any LED on your TP link extender, then follow the below-mentioned fixes:

  • Ensure that your TP Link extender is properly plugged in. 
  • Make sure that the wall plug you have used to connect your TP Link WiFi extender is damaged and flactuation-free.
  • The extender’s power adapter must be inserted properly. Apart from this, the extender power adapter must not be worn out.

If the issue still persists, then make sure that:

Your range extender is placed at the center-most area in your home and away from:

  • The reach of public WiFi
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Baby monitors
  • Gaming consoles, and other WiFi devices in your home.

Apart from this, we also suggest:

  • Do not place your TP Link extender inside a cabinet. Doing so will somehow hamper your internet experience and also give you no LED issue.
  • Also, avoid placing the device under a table or back of curtains/ devices, concrete walls, and windows.
  • It is always best to place your TP link extender on a higher, open, and ventilated shelf. But, it is suggested – do not place the extender too closer to the roof.
  • Place your existing router openly as well. The reason being, the WiFi signals coming out from your router are very important for the TP link extender to work well.

Once you are done with the TP link troubleshooting tips provided above, restart your TP link extender and let us know via comment whether it helped you out to fix no LED issue on your WiFi range extender or not.

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