How to Come Up With an Exceptional Christmas Card for Your Team

In your professional life, there couldn’t be a better time than Christmas to appreciate the people working with you for all the goodness and positivity they have brought into your world. While there could be many ways of showing gratitude to such people, the tradition of handing out cards for Christmas has been a vastly thoughtful and considerate manner of putting forth this feeling.

While handing out cards would seem to be a doable deed in your personal life, handing out corporate Christmas cards to your coworkers and employees whilst abiding by the professional spirit will require additional effort. 

Before delving any further, remember that the key to connecting with your coworkers is to personalise the message, regardless of the size of the company. While it may be an arduous task to write each person an individual card, there are plenty of ways to spread the spirit of the holidays. 

This article shall cover some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when doing this task.

Make References to the Year That’s Coming to Pass

You could start by writing down things about the year that’s almost coming to an end. What are the major transitions and milestones that make the year stand out? Mention the events that you felt are worth taking note of and celebrating. Making notes of each department’s successes could help you sort and personalise the message further.

Determine the Tone You Would Like to Set

Reflect upon the kind of message you would like to pass on to your team. Focusing on the positive energy that motivates the pack when transitioning to a New Year fuelled by new challenges and opportunities is crucial. Seek to send out uplifting and supportive in your message.

Pick an Appropriate Design for Your Card

The design of your corporate Christmas card says just as much as the message you send out through it. Using a picture of the entire team could be an excellent detail to add to it. If you don’t, sticking to a gracious and warm card will also do a great job.

Picking the Right Format

How do you go about formatting the note in a corporate Christmas card? If you choose to write each note by hand, make sure you begin the note with an introduction that could be counted as a formal one, like “Dear Tim,” and end the note with your full name at the base, printed and signed. Just writing your name shall do if you have a smaller, less formal office. The note’s content can range from one to three stanzas based on how much you want to personalise the message. And keep in mind that the larger the number of people this reaches, the shorter you must try keeping the note while including sentiments that resonate with everyone.

Final Thoughts

Reflect over the year that has passed by to acknowledge the contributions everyone’s hard work has made to the organisation. You could also try custom designing the Christmas holiday card by using group pictures if you had clicked a picture during a party or a picnic. They represent the entire team’s spirit better and foster the emotions that everyone carries for the organisation. If not, you could pick designs to form multiple designs of corporate Christmas cards that inspires your team to channel their enthusiasm for the following year while celebrating them on the other hand.

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