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How To Choose The Right Outdoor Pizza Oven |Complete Buying Guide|

The outdoor pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular in the world. More and more people are installing outside setups for pizza baking. These are not only for commercial reasons but also for personal reasons and mini parties etc. With so many types of options available, the Conveyor Pizza Oven UK is leading the market, especially for commercial set ups. 

But before we dive into these types of ovens, we will present a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right sort of outdoor pizza oven for yourself.

What to Consider Prior to Buying an Outdoor Pizza? 

There are a few factors that should be looked attentively upon to understand the kind of outdoor pizza ovens that you would want to implant in your desired premises. These factors include; the choice of fuel you want to supply your oven with, the size and style of the oven and the kind of use. Whether you want to use it for commercial reasons or for random personal use. These things would present to you a rough sketch of what exactly you want. 

The Choice of Fuel

You have various options for the choice of fuel you can use in your ovens for baking purposes. These are wood, gas and in some cases coal or charcoal as well.  While all these options have their own pluses and minuses, it is entirely dependent upon you. The charcoal and wood-fired ovens help you preserve the taste in a pizza. You know the smoky pizzas and how great they taste! So, if your aim is to have such flavorful pizza and it would taste you and your expected audience (guests or customers), you will have to stand with them thorough maintenance that these types of ovens require. However, if you are looking for convenient and cheaper methods then gas-fueled ovens are best for you.


The size is dependent upon the people you want to cater. If your purpose is residential then a small size oven would be enough but if you are looking forward to opening a pizzeria or food services, you should look for bigger options.  Ovens with large domes, long conveyor belts, and enough room to install one, are things you need to look upon. 

While installing an outdoor pizza oven, you should also consider the thing that from where will you power it. If it is gas, from where will you bring the pipes and lay it down to fuel your ovens. On top of that if you are going for commercial purposes, then you should have a rough estimate of getting enough supply and pressure that your pizzas do not suffer. 

Conveyor Pizza Oven or Deck Pizza Oven 

Both of these ovens can be installed outside. Based on the factors that need your consideration, you can opt for any of these. 

Conveyor pizza ovens are perfect for quick service, take-outs and they can be used to bake edibles other than pizza.  It makes cooking a piece of cake. All you got to do is put the pizza in the oven, and let the oven do its magic. You can prepare multiple orders all at the same time.  It saves you time and you can go on to do something else.  It also fills in for staff limitedness.  They are best suited for catering to a large number of people. 

However, with all its ups, the problem is that you cannot provide diversity through these ovens. There are specific kinds of pizzas that you can expect to bake in these, but the thin crusty-based pizzas or Neopolitan pizzas are not something you can prepare using these types of ovens.

On the other hand, the deck pizza ovens can allow you to lay with different recipes. The problem with these types of ovens are that you cannot expect them to function well during peak hours of your commercial pizza place. They need to be supervised and you need to be on your toes at all times because you are going to take food in and out of these ovens, unlike the conveyor pizza ovens

Final Words

If you are a beginner, the best option for you is the conveyor pizza ovens. They can be run by inexperienced people as well.  Various companies manufacture some of the best conveyor pizza ovens. You can use Lincolns or Star Manufacturing’s conveyor pizza ovens and see what suits you best. 

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