How Retailers are Using Video Chat App to Engage with Customers in a Changing World

Video has grown twice higher in popularity ever since the pandemic hit. The best live video chat app solutions were already available in the market but with businesses forced to continue their operations online, video has become the most considered communication channel. Retailers too are benefiting from such a communication channel.

Why Video Is The Future For Ecommerce—And Everything Else

Whether it is using video-based customer service or video chat with customers, retailers are unleashing the full potential of video in their operations.

Within a few months of its usage, retailers started to witness a spike in their growth, customer service, and business profits.

‘’Online retailer Bizchair.com told STORES Magazine that video viewing had a powerful impact on sales, citing data showing that 33% of online sales came from the 13% of site visitors who viewed video.’’ Video became the miracle solution to engage with potential customers online.

So how did retailers benefit from this user-friendly communication platform?

Did investing in the best video chat app for retailers make a difference?

What benefits ‘video’ has provided retailers that today multiple of them are looking to build video chat app solutions for their business?

Read along to learn the impact of video on retailers in 2021.

Top 4 Best Practices To Leverage The Use Of ‘Video’ For Customer Engagement

Best Practices For Omnichannel Customer Support

1.Conducts easy video chat with customers

Video-based customer service is the new way of improving customer satisfaction rates. 

Using the best video chat app for retailers or building video chat app solutions, retailers can easily improve their engagements with their customers.

For instance, since all customers now depend on the online platform to cater to their needs, retailers can use this as an opportunity to engage with them virtually and restore the lack of human touch technology provides. 

When customers are able to see retailers, both parties can engage better rather than just engaging on a basic online platform.

This will boost better retail growth and improve or strengthen the brand image of the retail business. 

2.Integrates popular messaging platforms with the presence of video chat


While using the best live video calling app solution is great, there are reliable video chat API and SDK providers present in the market that help retailers integrate video chats on popular messaging platforms such as Intercom. 


Once video engagements are conducted, retailers can blend this information either on their CRM or refer to the sales/purchase history of the customer to trigger them with offers that will confidently make them buy your product.


This will boost higher sales conversions and close deals quicker. 

4.Use video chat to conduct regular co-browsing activities


Co-browsing is the process of letting you and your customer browse a website in real-time.

For instance, say that your customer is browsing your website and is confused or lost, while live chat is great to solve queries, having an immediate expert with them through the process can benefit highly.‘’69% of consumers believe a product demo best assists them when making a purchase decision.’’

Once you’ve ticked the list to build a video chat app solution, your customers can easily screen share with your team so that the latter can provide better recommendations that can impact the former’s purchasing decisions. 

5.Use videos to enhance the growing AR technology

AR (Augmented reality) is the future solution being used widely at the moment. 

Today multiple retailers use AR to help their customers make better purchasing decisions.

For instance, top furniture businesses are using AR which functions just like a normal video wherein they exhibit to customers how the furniture they choose will look like in sections of their home. ‘’33% of people prefer to learn about products by watching a video’’

This process has grown in popularity with the pandemic in place at the moment. 

Such types of video-centric solutions are contributing to delivering a better video experience. 

5 Use Cases That Exhibit How Retailers Use ‘Video’ To Cater To Customers Needs In 2021

Covid-19 pushes more people to buy goods, services online

1.Not limiting expertise on timezones or geographical locations


When retailers think to build a video chat app solution, their main aim is to provide efficient customer service.

Similarly, there have been multiple retailers in the market that are changing the way they conduct customer service with video.

For instance, IKEA offers video-based customer service to help their customers in troubleshooting and more. Apart from this, they are also looking to match their team’s experts to cater to their customer needs without having location or timezones as a barrier. 

2.Offer remote in-home services

With the pandemic present, customers today are not confident to step outside or allow anyone to fix the repairs or consult anything related to their houses. Here is when using the best live video calling app comes into the picture. 

For instance, Lowe offers an AR-based video chat solution where small businesses can easily engage with customers over the app. They can help customers fix repairs easily or help them find instant solutions without having to meet in person. 

3.Blend in-store engagements via efficient video chats


Using the best video chat app for retailers can benefit online shopping vastly. 

For instance, online stores can provide a personalized customer experience for their potential customers. An example would be helping them solve queries via video chats, using video to help them understand which product is better for them, and more. 

This action would boost sales and improve the brand image of the retail business. 

4.Conduct regular video consultants to understand better about the products

When retailers make use of the best video calling apps, conducting video consultants become much easier. 

Video consultations are also growing with time. ‘’Video viewers are 1.7x more likely to purchase than non-viewers.’’ Whether it is explaining how a product can benefit in multiple ways or helping customers witness the impact of the product they are looking at, video consultations are great to enhance the purchasing decision in 2021. 

5.Use video to support customers when they need a brand the most

There is multiple best video chat app for retailers present in the market that can help you assist the factors of this pointer. The best example is Nike.

When the pandemic hit, Nike removed the price of $14.99, the monthly price of Nike’s training club app. This led to all the members accessing the video exercises present in the app easily.

This is a prime example of how a retailer can easily support customers when they need them the most.  Would you be interested in learning more about how video-based solutions and video engagement can benefit your retail business for the better?

‘’42% of shoppers would like to see more product description and service demonstration videos, such as 360-degree product views.’’

You are now well aware of the impact of video-based customer service and video chat with customers.

But did you also know that as a retailer you can also create a unique video chat platform for your business?

Video chat API and SDK providers can help you. There are multiple best video chat app for retailers provided in the market, but if you’re looking to build video chat apps in a customizable manner, using a video chat API and SDK provider will help. 

These API providers are easy to get started, affordable, and offer tons of features to enhance every video engagement you conduct. 

So tell us when do you plan to get started?

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