How Much Memory Do You Need for QuickBooks?


Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software in the market. Quickbooks is widely used by both companies and individuals for accounting purposes, whether it’s managing payroll or invoicing customers.

But when it comes to storage or memory space requirements. QuickBooks requires a greater amount of RAM (if you have a lot of data) than other traditional accounting software. However, even with the required high amount of memory. It does not slow down your computer system which makes it a perfect fit for your small business accounting solution.

RAM Memory for Quickbooks?

If you’re buying a new laptop for quickbooks, you have to pay attention to the RAM memory requirement also. While many business owners buy computers with minimum RAM, you have to remember. So, that new versions of Quickbooks are being released regularly and each version has increased its storage space requirement.

Today, businesses prefer laptops over desktop due to portability. But if your laptop does not have enough memory then it might slow down or crash soon. So before taking a laptop for your quickbooks software. Look into all requirements of QuickBooks. And while buying a new notebook always go for a higher amount of RAM. Which will allow you to use all features without any hassle.

Quickbooks recommends 2GB of RAM, but if you’re using the latest operating system. So, then 8GB of memory will be perfect for your accounting software. And if you’re working with high resolution files, then 16GB of RAM is recommended.

What About Hard Drives?

Hard drive is another factor that should not be ignored when you’re buying a computer for QuickBooks software. Even today most of the laptops available in the market come with traditional hard drives. Which offer lower storage space and slower performance than solid state drives (SSD). Solid State Drive or SSD is best as it offers faster data transfer speed and more disk space. Than traditional hard drives. So you can store all your company’s data on SSD and enjoy its better performance without any lag. While accessing your important file during check printing or payroll processing. The price difference between SSD and HDD. Is relatively higher than before, but it’s worth it as you’re getting faster and better performance. So when selecting a computer for QuickBooks do not ignore the memory. And hard drive space requirement. Better go with an SSD if your budget allows you to buy. As it will help you in working with high-resolution files without any glitch.

Other Hardware Requirements

Apart from RAM and hard drive, other hardware requirements should not be neglected when you’re planning to buy a computer for quickbooks software. Because, while using QuickBooks it makes a lot of calculations which produces a high amount of heat which can cause your laptop to stop working if it does not have enough cooling fan and ventilation. If you’re about to purchase one then be sure to check try10.com to know more about the latest laptops and buy one as per your requirements.


Processor is another factor that should not be ignored and you have to look at the processing speed of the laptop you’re planning to buy. While using QuickBooks it makes a lot of calculations which requires a fast processor, because slow processors can cause system crashes or low performance. You should pick at least a Core i3 or i5 processor with 2.5 GHz speed, as this will work fine for all versions of quickbooks and let you enjoy quick processing without any glitch.


Portability is one thing that today’s business owners are looking for in the laptop, because it allows them to carry their important data to any important meeting or occasion. And if you’re looking for a portable laptop then go with lightweight laptops having weight less than 4 pounds.

Screen Size:

While buying a new computer system do not forget to check screen size as today’s QuickBooks software offers large screen layouts which can display on 17 inch or more display screens. Though, for the mobile version, the 13 inch display will work fine but it’s recommend to buy a 15 inch display when using quickbooks at your office desk.


Always look for proper connectivity of laptop like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi enabled and USB ports. While using quickbooks it requires high speed internet connection which can be provided by Wi-Fi or Ethernet network card.

Operating System:

QuickBooks software supports both Windows and Mac OS X, but if you’re planning to buy a system for your business go with Windows OS as most of the accounting professionals are familiar with its operating system. And also while creating a company file in quickbooks you need some powerful features like disk partitioning and memory allocation which is available on windows and not on mac OS X.


You should always keep your budget in mind as this is the only thing that helps you to find a laptop with required memory and hard drive space. And if you’re looking for a high performance laptop then it will cost you around $1500, but if you’re keen on portability then you can buy an ultrabook at just around $700.

Final Words:

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit. It helps small entrepreneurs to keep track of their accounts and manage business data effectively. Also, using QuickBooks users can perform various financial tasks like billing customers, generating bills for creditors etc.

So, if you’re planning to buy a laptop for your business then check out hardware requirements and select one that best suits your requirement. And also keep in mind that quickbooks software performs better on SSD rather than HDD as it increases its performance without any lag.

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