How Much Does The eCommerce Cost?

We get a lot of questions, how much does an eCommerce cost? To clarify, we will briefly introduce all the factors that affect the prices of eCommerce.

First, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So make sure there is no short answer to the question. How?

In general, e-commerce website development prices vary depending on:

  • The size and complexity of your business.
  • The custom tools you need to support your business.
  • Selection platform.

Cost for Open-source Development or SaaS eCommerce

About SaaS Costs

Let’s say you have a simple business (such as a startup, a small business owner, or a drop shipper), and you don’t need to customize or merge the business with another system. In this case, we recommend choosing the eCommerce SaaS platform.

SaaS is centrally hosted software, paid for by a monthly subscription such as Shopify, starting at $ 29 plus development costs.

SaaS is often considered a cheap option, great for startups on a tight budget. However, consider all related costs, such as support, payment processing fees, and additional plug-in costs (usually a monthly recurring fee).

About the Cost of Open-source eCommerce

Let’s say your online business model is more complex, your eCommerce store needs customization to keep up with your business processes, and you want unlimited scalability and ownership. The solution for you is an open-source platform.

An online store built on open source e-commerce platforms usually starts at $ 25,000 +. There is no limit to the revenue you can earn through your store for some platforms, such as Magento open source, and you will only be charged through the payment gateway.

There are 3 ways to continue:

Hire Freelance Developers

You can get more competitive development costs by hiring freelancers to build your online business. The freelancer does not have to pay office rent or other overheads. But keep in mind that you lack multidisciplinary knowledge such as workflow, management, and complete development processes, and you may be the one to hire an eCommerce development agency here.

At the same time, remote developers can leave you at any time. We recommend this option if you have previous experience leading freelance teams and have good technical knowledge. Hourly store upgrade fees range from $ 20 / hr to $ 150 / hr, depending on their expertise and the region they come from.

Hire an Ecommerce Agency

The worldwide average hourly store improvement fee ranges from $ 30 / hour to $ 200 / hour – and again, it depends on professional experience, quality, competence, and even the office’s location. You can build a long-term relationship with the agency, and it will give you more certainty about the operation and business continuity.

Hire Your Development Team

In-house development teams are an opportunity for large companies to set up their development departments. This option is the most expensive due to the additional costs of hardware investment, office-wide operation, and recruitment processes.

Need Support on Your eCommerce Journey?

Starting an online business requires planning, a budget, and a good team. The Planet Web Solutions team is proud to develop long-term relationships with our clients, track them on their online journey and help bring online ideas to success.

If you choose an open-source e-commerce platform, Contact us to see how we support your e-commerce journey!

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