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How marital sex can improve your relationship

Sex is an important form of physical intimacy. A primal need, sex has a vital role to play in relationships.

However, for some people, sex might be the awkward part of the relationship. There are various reasons why people might have hang-ups about sex; from their previous encounters to their subjective reasoning, there are many elements at play here. 

The lack of sex may also be because of your circumstances, and not necessarily because of how you view sex. It is especially common for people with babies and busy life to forgo sex.

Unfortunately, sex might be off the table for some women because it brings them pain instead of pleasure. If women if they are not stimulated enough, sex might be just as pleasant as getting a root canal. Similarly, who suffer from vaginismus experience pain during sex that might be the reason why want to put it off. In such cases, seeking help from an expert like the Best Sexologist in Karachi is recommended. However, when done right, it is worth exploring.

Benefits of sex for your relationship

There are many ways that sex benefits and even strengthens your relationship. These include:

Mood and happiness

Sex is great for improving your mood. It helps in the release of endorphins that make your mook soar. Moreover, sex also aids in the release of serotonin, which makes you feel happy and prevents the symptoms of depression. Orgasming and the resultant feeling of euphoria also gives you great pleasure.

When you are in a better mood during the afterglow, you are also more likely to become content with your partner. This happiness also makes you cherish your relationship.

Also, the happier you are, the more likely you are to get along with your partner.

Improved bond

Another benefit of sex for your relationship is that it helps in improving your bond. Essentially, sex helps in the release of hormones that aids in you becoming more content, and because your partner helped you with this feeling, so also then appreciate them.

Furthermore, the real post-coital moments, the baring of the soul and getting intimate all paves way for your better relationship.

Reduced stress

Stress not only wreaks havoc on your physical and mental health, but your life in general. During the bouts of stress, you are crankier, contentious, and cantankerous, which naturally does not bode well for your relationship.

It may lead to rifts in your relationship that might also damage it irreparably. Hence, it is important that stress be managed, and sex is one such way.

Sex helps in reducing the release of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. It also has a good impact on your mood otherwise as well. Hence, your relationship is more likely to improve when you aren’t hyperventilating due to stress.


Humans are vain and vulnerable, which makes for a painful combination. Some people, because they perceive themselves not good-looking enough and their bodies not desirable, they might be insecure in their place.

Sex, on the other hand, can improve self-esteem. When you see your partner getting pleasure from your body, it helps you to feel more confident in yourself.

However, self-esteem can also affect your relationship in a negative way; your body image issues can cause you to continuously keep putting sex off, which may then lead to problems within your relationships, rifts, fights etc. If you can relate to this struggle, then you should try counseling so that an expert can help you value yourself better.

The problem of not having sex

Even if you want to have sex, some people are impeded by other matters like babies, work etc. In such cases, you and your partner should actively work on prioritizing your sex life.If problems like performance anxiety are behind the lack of sex, it is beneficial that you visit a Sexologist in Lahore for professional help.

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