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How do I go back to Android 11 after removing Android 12

Android 11 rolled out to the general public in March and those who own an Pixel 3 or newer model of the Google smartphone line-up and you’re among the first to get the new version. Android 12 brings with it new features that not only improve the functionality of your smartphone but also alter how it feels and looks when in the palm of your hand.

In general, it’s an excellent idea to keep current with the most recent firmware. However, should Android 12 haven’t made you feel at ease. There is the option of downgrading to Android 11 at any time. You might want to switch back to an earlier version of Android to remove bugs or simply due to.

Can I revert the phone back to Android 11 after switching to Android 12?

Yes, you are able to change your Pixel phone back to Android 11 or any old version Android after you have installed Android 12. However, this process isn’t as easy as changing your phone’s firmware to the most recent version.

While the steps for reverting your phone to Android 11 are fairly easy. However, you must ensure that you adhere to each of them with extreme caution as well as at your own personal risk. You may also follow this guide to flash any previous version of Android on your Tecno pop3 price. And in the future, you will be able to change between the old and more recent versions and versions of Android 12 itself using the same procedure.

What should you be aware of when you are downloading?

In contrast to updating to the latest version of Android. Returning your phone to an earlier version requires time and effort. However, there are a few points to consider prior to performing the process.

The first thing to do is downgrade to an old version of Android and erase all information stored in the Android device. Check out the Tecno pop3 price in Nigeria. This includes not only your settings on your device and app data. But also everything you’ve ever stored on memory storage inside your Android phone. Therefore, the first step you should do when you’ve decided to downgrade is backing all the data stored on your device to the cloud or an alternative device.

To determine whether a backup has been created or to make one yourself, access your Settings application for Android 12 and then go there to Google > Backup. In this menu, you can enable the Backup via Google One toggle. Then click ‘Back up now’ to begin transfer of your device’s data to Google’s servers.

Since these data are more important to you in making your device operational and again. You are able to use this native feature to recover the majority of your data.

Certain apps, like WhatsApp, provide users with the option of backing up their own data , and restoring them later. When you upgrade from an earlier Android version. You’ll need to ensure that you backup all your data prior to the time your phone’s data gets deleted.

Things to check prior to reverting back Android 11

Before switching your phone back over to Android 11 there are certain items you might have to look over or download to finish the process of downgrading safely. This includes:

Backup your device’s current data to Google Apps, Contacts and SMS, as well as Device settings, and call history.

You can sync your videos and photos to Google Photos to ensure they’re saved and accessible at any time.

A functioning computer (Windows or Mac).

A USB cable that connects the Android device to a computer.

Transfer the files you have stored on your device to your computer , or Google Drive.

Download all the files needed for the process of downgrading to your computer. As described at Step 2 as well as 3 of the below guide.

Be aware of your device’s model and model, so you can determine the factory image you need to download. The steps below are built around Google Pixel devices but the steps will be the same for other Android devices, too.

How do I go back to Android 12? Android 11?

If you’ve already made up your mind that you want to restore your device to Android 11 instead of Android 12 then follow these steps with care and without fail. From now on you’re operating on your own responsibility.

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