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Here are some tips to get verified Instagram Accounts

Everybody dreams about that little blue stamp that proves an Instagram account authentic. Do you want to be verified on Instagram?

The platform has offered this additional security since 2018, but it can be difficult to obtain the seal. You must meet certain criteria. You can request verification from the social network if it meets these criteria.

This text will help you get rid of all doubts regarding verifying your Instagram account. Stay connected to us for the latest tips and tricks!

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What is an Instagram verified account?

A verified account is one that Instagram has confirmed to be authentic. This applies to both personal accounts, especially those of famous people, and business accounts. It’s almost like Instagram telling users that the account is who it claims to be.

This isn’t an Instagram feature that only exists. Almost all social networks now have some type of feature that verifies the authenticity of users. This helps to prevent fake accounts and protect those who use these platforms to make purchases.

Once you have a basic understanding of what a verified account looks like, it is time to learn about the benefits of a blue seal.

Verified Instagram accounts have many benefits

It is becoming more common for profiles to verify their Instagram accounts. Verification is a key element in the success and growth of an account. It also offers many benefits to the company that applies for it. Get Instagram Likes Canada is still a great way to get noticed and is arguably the fastest.

Reliability is one of the key advantages. If your account is verified, users are more likely to be interested in your products and work with you. Your account verification increases the number of followers as it will be prominently displayed in search engines.

This does not include the engagement rates which are on the rise.

How do you get verified Instagram accounts? Check out these requirements!

Instagram has made it possible for anyone to request verification since 2018. Not everyone is successful. You must meet certain requirements to receive the blue seal. These are the requirements:


To be eligible for the stamp, an account must be genuine. This means has to represent the brand or person it claims. It is important to link to other social networks and include a description in your bio.


Your followers should be able to access your account information. You can do this by creating a biography that describes your activities clearly, keeping your profile public, and taking care of your profile photo.


Your account may be verified if it is legitimate and has all the information required. To get the Instagram blue stamp, you must have good content that wins many likes and is useful to your followers. You should only choose the most trusted website if you are looking for the buy real Instagram followers.

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To earn the seal, it is essential that you and your company are not well-known. You can attach any reports or quotes from social media that you or your company have posted to the verification request.


Your account should be the sole representative of the brand, company, or individual you wish to represent. This will help you to avoid posting duplicate content and refrain from using photos or text taken by others.

Your chances of receiving verification are much greater if you meet all the requirements. You still need to submit the request. We’ll show you the steps.

Step by step, get verified on Instagram

Here are some tips to help you get a verified Instagram account. You can reduce the chance of your account being rejected by Instagram before you place an order. You must consider all factors when searching for SuperViral.

Are you sure everything is in order? Connect step by step.

1 – Open the app to access your profile

This is the most obvious. You will need to verify your account via the Instagram app. Open it on your phone and you can access it.

2 – Click the top menu

Both personal and business profiles now have access to the top menu. We’ll show you what they are. They’re the three small scratches in the upper right corner of your screen next to the plus symbol.

3 – Access the settings

Did you see the top menu? Now you can access the settings. These settings are located in the lower corner of your screen, not in the main list. They are identified by the gear symbol.

4 – Choose the “Account” option

There are many settings, but we only want to see the account option. Here you can also change your personal information, language settings, and verify.

5 – Click “Request Verification”.

You can find the “request verification” option under the “account” option. Click on it to fill out the form. It will ask you for your full name, profile type, and other details.

6 – Send a document for authentication

You must submit a photo document to verify your identities, such as your passport, CNH, or RG, in order to proceed with the request. You will need to submit official documents, such as tax declarations and articles of incorporation, for commercial profiles.

Keep in mind that a verified Facebook profile does not mean you can use Instagram. They are two different processes.

How long does Instagram verification take you?

Have you placed an order? Nice! Wait for Instagram to review your request and decide if it is approved or denied. You will receive the answer via message in the app, but don’t expect it to happen immediately.

The minimum time it takes is two days, although the platform doesn’t say exactly how long. They’ll verify that you are entitled to appeal by reviewing all requirements discussed previously.

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