Free money ask a millionaire for financial help?

Who can I contact or turn to for financial aid?

There are a large number of millionaires and billionaires whom you could try to contact to request financial aid. Getting free money from millionaires from financial assistance is easy, but it is recommended that you try to contact as many as possible. since in this way. you will expand your response options. We cannot tell you who to write to, because we do not know your needs or your purpose. but what we can do is provide you with a list of the most important and recognized people in the world for changing the lives of thousands of people:

  • Jeff Bezos , founder of Amazon
  • George Soros , investment manager
  • Mark Zuckerberg , the owner of Facebook
  • Bill Gates , philanthropist and founder of Microsoft*
  • Larry Ellison , co-founder and president of Oracle
  • Warren Buffet , owner of Berkshire Hathaway
  • Oprah Winfrey , the famous talk show host

*In order to facilitate your search, we will leave you below the official website of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation .

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The list is quite long, since there are many really important characters, who lead the lists of the richest families in the United States and the world, who are dedicated to helping those in need. A large percentage of them have their own foundations or assistance programs dedicated to this purpose, so all you have to do is search on Google.

Note: We recommend contacting a millionaire who has lived in your city, region, neighborhood, etc. Since in this way, the person will feel a bond towards you and it could be much easier to talk with him.

How can I get the mail of a millionaire?

Surely you have been wondering how to get the email of a millionaire and the truth is that with some it may be simple, since they even have their personal email, published within their web pages, social networks, company pages, foundations, etc. etc. Although EYE, it doesn’t always happen this way.

The best way to reach a millionaire is through the email published in one of their foundations or organizations , since they are usually more aware of these issues for philanthropy.

If in the same way, you do not know how to get this type of email, we will tell you that a large percentage of the charitable organizations belonging to millionaires are usually found through web search engines, such as Google. Similarly, you can check the official email list of the most famous billionaires on the following website, but unfortunately, it is not a free page. https://www.billionairemailinglist.com .

How can I ask a millionaire for financial help?

The best way to ask millionaires for help is through email, but there is also the option of writing a “help request”, since in this way, you could increase your chances of getting their attention, resulting in the support you need. We must say that it is not a 100% functional method, but it is the best you can try.

You must have good intentions

Remember that even if they have a fortune, that does not mean that they are a bank that can distribute Free money to anyone who asks for it , since they have worked really hard to get their profits.

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