Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About MBBS In China

MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery is a bachelor degree of medicine and surgery degree program . MBBS is one of the top most degrees in the world. Many students opt to study MBBS from abroad. Studying MBBS from abroad is not at all short of opportunities. Thousands of students take admissions in these countries every year.

Let us now talk about doing MBBS in China as China is the country that offers the most competitive and best value English medium MBBS in the world. China is now also known as one of the fastest growing destinations for international students.

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About MBBS In China

1. Easy Admission Procedure

China offers you the easiest and very convenient admission procedure when compared to other countries where the admission procedure is very long-lasting and hectic. Here, In China you can take admission in MBBS without giving any entrance Test which is really a time saver and very convenient thing for students. To take admission in any University in China one should 70% in PCBE in 12th and just qualifications marks in NEET.

And you are good to go for admission in any University/ college in China. Fill the application form of the university you want to take admission after filling the form. Few necessary documents are required at the time of admission like school leaving certificate, a copy of set results , 10 th and 12 th passing certificates. And for the immigration process you will need a valid visa. So, apply for a visa as early as possible. So, here you are done with the admission procedure.

2. Affordable Education

Nowadays, if you have to study MBBS in a good University either you have to get a seat in government colleges which is next to impossible for every student. You have to pay lakhs and lakhs of donations to get a seat in a good college. So, getting affordable education is very difficult in today’s time. Well ,on the other hand China is offering you with very cheap and affordable education.

MBBS in China is 70 % cheaper when compared to other countries like India, USA were people have to bear huge tuition fee expenses. Here ,In China you are offered affordable education and a top ranked universities by WHO and NMC which I feel is really a appreciative and best thing about studying MBBS in china. The The cost of MBBS in China usually cost between 15- 25 lakhs. So, if you are planning for studying MBBS Abroad go for China. Here you not need to worry about anything

3. Low Economic living cost

This is the best part of studying MBBS in China. It not only offers you with Affordable college cost but also offers very cheap Hostel and food facilities which are also very easily available. For an international student the cost of living is a way to too cheaper when compared to any other country. Everything from hostel or apartment, PG, rent to cost of groceries are on par with any big city of India But, this is not in the case China. China provides you with a way to cheaper living cost. So, Any student is aspiring to do MBBS and belongs to middle class family need not to worry now he / she can go for opting MBBS in China .

4. Criteria Requirement

Getting enrolled for MBBS in China is very easy procedure. There is no mandatory entrance test .But the applicant should be a student of Science Field having physics, chemistry and biology in their 12th standard curriculum and you should get minimum 70% in PCBE in XII standard and the qualificationary marks in Neet are enough for you to go for opting MBBS in any University of China.

The applicants Age should lie between or equal to( 17 to 26). Applicants whose age is more or less than this range cannot apply for MBBS in China. And it is also manadatory for all the applicants to submit their documents like marks sheet of 10th standard exams. As well as 12th Standard exams, school leaving certificate, character certificate , etc and obviously a valid passport.

5. Learn Creative Methodology

This is one of the Unique benefits for every student who is planning for studying MBBS From China. As we know that medical science is getting advanced at another moment. All the countries are making heavy investments in medical research and studies. China is also one of the few countries which are investing a good share of annual GDP in health and medicine. Chinese medical Universities are also working very hard to bring changes and development in creating a good medical education system. Students studying MBBS in China are also taught Chinese Medical Techniques while learning regular Techniques which will help during their medical practises . The Chinese Techniques have a great demand Nowadays.

Advantages of studying MBBS in China

No Entrance Exam

China offers you admissions for MBBS without taking any entrance test while on the other hand if you want to study MBBS in India or any other country you are required to give an entrance test. You can easily take admission for MBBS in China without all those hecting and unending procedures.

It is Cost Effective

Whenever we plan for doing or opting something, calculating the cost is very important and the cost should be effective . Studying MBBS in China is almost 70 % cheaper than any other country offering MBBS. China not only offers you with a cheaper cost of fees for opting MBBS but also offers you with less living cost, cheaper food availability, etc.

Holds the lead in the field of Modern medicine

China is considered one of the best countries in the world that provides you with quality education in MBBS for all the candidates . The medical Universities in China have 500 top universities of medicine in the world.


Doing MBBS in China is one of the best choices you can opt for. As it is very cheap, has a very easy admission procedure , constitutes top ranked universities from the world. And also provides various benefits to its students like it offers scholarships to the students who apply early, standard hostel facilities being offered and what not . So , if you are thinking of studying MBBS Abroad, you can go to China with No worries. There are a few of the Best Education Consultants like Moksh Overseas Education Consultants, Global Medical Foundation, Pulse Education. Pulse Education is formally known and is a brand of Pulse International Education Consultancy (PIEC). It is renowned and most trusted counsellor in terms of education of India. contact these education consultants for further details.

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