Facts About Paper Shredding Houston

Paper Shredding Houston

Hard copy documents are still used in businesses today and it’s important to ensure that information remains secure. Hard copies can be damaged or leaked easier than digital files, so by keeping them away from prying eyes you’ll keep your business safe! It’s important for businesses to ensure documents don’t fall into the wrong hands, which is why more companies are using document shredding services. A paper-shredding Houston company offers a variety of options including having your sensitive paperwork destroyed on site or off site at their facility depending upon what you prefer!

Facts Of Paper Shredding Houston

  1. The first paper shredder patented by the inventor of Abbot Augustus Lowe in 1909. But his prototype had never seen mass production – Lowe died only three years after his patenting.
  2. In 1935, a German engineer named Adolf Ehinger made the second machine designed to tear the paper. He must make him in a hurry: The goal is to damage hundreds of anti-Nazis propaganda volumes before Hitler’s secret police can find it.
  3. Destroying paper is not just something that happens in the office. Many companies’ needs for the destruction of documents are very good so they employ a dedicated destroyer company to visit their office with a large ten-wheel truck with a giant paper shredder installed on the back.
  4. Doctors and health insurance providers legally serve with tasks tore-bili documents. Because patient information and their clients are very sensitive, state and federal laws determine that all medical organizations have a comprehensive data destruction plan.
  5. The practice of tearing paper obtained a questionable reputation in 1972, when President Nixon’s operator interconated a large number of documents in an effort to cover careless efforts to steal the headquarters of a democratic national committee at the Watergate Hotel.
  6. The largest paper shredder in the market makes your office shredder look like a toy in comparison. Many of them eat anything, including (but may not be limited to) binding clips, rubber bands, and hanging file folders. Don’t get these machines.
  7. Because state and federal laws that aim to prevent identity theft, destruction of paper has grown into industries themselves. Many waste management companies have introduced the destruction of documents into their service menu.

Other Facts Of Paper Shredding Services In Houston

  1. Destroy paper at home seeing a popularity increase in 1988. The year the Supreme Court of the United States decided that private waste became a public property after reaching the sidewalk.
  2. Many document shredding services offer “Destruction Certificates” – Legal documents that ensure that certain practices are followed in the destruction of the document, and that all documents are completely destroyed.
  3. Because the information stored digitally became wider. The need for special services to delete and destroy the computer’s hard drive followed.
  4. Like doctors and health insurance professionals. The accountant is legally bound to comply with the standard of destroyers of certain documents.
  5. Iran’s revolution changed the way we approach paper destroyed in 1979. When some of them stormed the American Embassy and seized a pile of grated documents. Because the destruction of the embassy only cuts the paper into a thin strip. It’s simple for the revolutionaries to attach documents that return together to access information (very confidential) they hold. After this, Shredder’s Cross-Cut becomes the norm.
  6. According to a survey by the NIRLProfit Identity Theft Resource Center and Foulses. In Many Americans believe that identity theft is more likely to occur during online exchanges. Although online exchanges represent less than 10 percent of identity theft cases.
  7. Some machines are destroying the most advanced technology, cutting documents into pieces of only 3mm or 9mm.

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