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Start To Finish Logo Design Process To Keep Your Logo Attractive

Logo Design Process From Start To Finitsh

Whether you design your own logo or get someone else to do it for you- having an outstanding logo is a must. True there are multiple online logo generators in the digital world but before using them, ask a question from yourself- “will these websites do justice to your logo?” Regardless of the vertical, you are going to serve, ensuring a top-notch logo will help you in giving an edge over the competition. With us saying “top-notch logo” we mean to say a logo that has all the important ingredients from fonts to colors.

Such a logo can either be done by experts or someone who has experience in this for quite some time. But do you know how all of this is done? We mean to say, that if you are getting this done from the experts, at least you must be knowing the major highlights of the entire process. This will not only help you in judging the result but even the problems that the logo has. You will also need a logo on your office stationery. You can check StationeryXpress for this purpose.

So, we have made this blog in order to help you with all your logo-related problems. Stay along and you might just find the steps to judge your designer too.

1. Knowing the business

Like any other thing, logo designing is also an art and you will have to do that step by step, starting from the beginning. So, the very first step for you should be understanding the business model. If you are the owner of the business or an agency/ expert who is going to design the logo- just ensure that you can design a custom logo only after you understand the business model.

You should know the history of the company, their working vertical, their competition, and target audience- to say the least. This way, you will understand what all things will be required for you to make a responsive and attractive logo design. The color scheme, fonts, and other elements of the logo could be designed and placed better when you gather a complete knowledge about the business. The more you know and understand about the business, the better it becomes for you. The logo will have better clarity and it would highly resonate with the client or your boss.

2. Researching is crucial

You have gained the brief knowledge about important things in the first step. But that’s not going to be enough for you. After you complete the first step, researching is also important. Being the designer, you will have to bridge the gap between discovery to drawing insights. In order to get an outstanding logo you will have to look at the competitors, as to how they are turning the tables for them. What color combinations are working for them? And how have they used different fonts and images?

The more you research, the better details you acquire and the better output you deliver. This is the direct mantra that most designers follow. You will also get a complete sense of the environment of your vertical and that will be helpful for your logo designing. It will also give you a complete insight on things that others have gone through and not only what they have achieved. So, this will also highly affect your logo designing process and the output- obviously in a positive manner.

3. Brainstorming is the next step

Not for certain, but brainstorming should be your third step. Then it depends on the designers as to how and what they want from the logo they design. This is the step when you will be creating an idea and giving it a direction. You will be able to develop things accordingly once brainstormed on the ideas. And even if you are going to use a logo creator, this is a must step for you.

What you can do is, simply start out with some outlines, then with some elements that you will be using inside your logo, and then the colors, and so on. When you will be opening up in front of your team or the business owners, they might give you an idea or two. Most importantly, all of them will be having a rough idea of what their logo will look like. Coming onto yourself, this step will help you in bottlenecking your options in terms of element selections. It is advised by many experts that one should not skip this step at any cost. The more heads you get the better ideas.

4. Draw or create a sketch

What you think and what you want can be two different things at times and that’s not a problem at all. It happens a lot of times because what you imagine of a thing might be simply different or difficult to achieve. So in order to get a good custom logo, make sure you first create a few sketches. Going directly online might not be a good thing. Most of the artists use the traditional method for sketching “a pen and paper.” This way, you can paint all the things going in your head.

Although there are multiple websites where you can design a logo by giving simple commands, such as Designhill- it is still preferred to go traditional for better results. There might be some resistance offered by the website but when you have different colored pens and a paper, you can do everything you want. Maybe that will give you a better chance to create an outstanding logo.

5. Start your designing

Once your sketches are done, you will then have to design them online. There are multiple designing tools that can be used for the same process. Keep in mind that the designing part is nothing new. All the sketches that you have selected- just translate them into a digital format. Also, you don’t have to offer 10s of designs to your client or boss- rather focus on a handful of logos but give them your best shot.

An outstanding logo needs determination, patience, and some expertise. Apart from these things, you have already done everything in the above 4 steps. So just paint the sketches that you think are going to do the needful for you. Also, one last thing in this step- if you feel that there are weak spots in your sketches, don’t hesitate to go back to them and rework them.

6. Present your logo

Once you have done all that you can, it is time to present it in front of your client or your boss. Now, simply showing the logos on a screen or emailing them to the people responsible won’t do the needful. You will have to keep in mind that you fix a meeting for 30 minutes or so. While presenting your options, being the artist you will have to explain the elements of the logo. Not everyone or always people understand the reasoning and thinking of the artist behind the logo. And knowing how important a custom logo is for a brand, you should be present to explain every detail of the logo during its first look.

This will help you to get approvals easily and quickly. Maybe, you will have to explain the entire strategy or concept of your logo designs but that’s important. It will be better if you do that. Quick approvals and further work can be done after that.

7. Delivering after small fixes

There are chances that your custom logo might not seem as seamless to your client or boss as it seems to you. So in that case, you will have to make some changes and edit the logo as per the client. It can be either a color combination, a certain font or something else (there are chances when there is no editing asked). So whatever be the case, you quickly fix the problems and then deliver the logos.

Just for you to know, there are many logo generators in the market that can help you with your logos easily. You will have to just give in a few details and everything gets done. In such cases, the logo gets generated quickly and all you need to do is pay for downloading it. But that will not be as good as the ones made by experts.


If you want to get your custom logo designed by experts, you can communicate the same at Designhill. Not only does this website hold multiple options for your benefit, but also two that can help you make your logo better. You can use the logo generator or talk to the experts to get your logo done. Keep in mind that many times an attractive logo can give you direct business. Because it is said in the digital world that your logo speaks for your business.

So, understanding the importance of a logo does not skip taking these important 7 steps while designing or getting your logo designed. These are of utmost importance and you will have to keep them in mind so that there are no gaps and your logo perfectly resonates with your brand.

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