Devolo wireless range extender “NO INTERNET” issues?

The Internet is so important for every person. A high speed internet is used to perform all the online activities. At ancient times there was no internet available. But in those days a superfast speed internet connection became a necessity for everyone. So lot’s of wireless devices are available in the market you can use any. But did you ever think about the range of a router?. Yes a wireless router provides a high speed connection. But what about the range?. If your house is too big and multiple devices will connect with the router at a one time, Then it will make your wireless network slow and frustrate you. So by using a devolo wireless range extender you can easily fulfill all your needs. 

The devolo range extender comes along with many advanced features like dual-band frequency, MU-MIMO technology and many more. It transmits the signals in a large area by killing all the dead zones. The built-in antennas enhance the network range as well as more widely and fast. The devolo extender setup can be done easily. Just need to access the administration login portal. This smart device is properly compatible to work with all kinds of wireless devices. But sometimes users may face “NO INTERNET” issues. Don’t need to be worried. By using the given instructions you can easily fix the issue manually. 

Why does the Devolo wireless range extender have no internet?

The devolo extender kills the dead zones and provides ultimate blazing speed by boosting the network range of your wireless router. But sometimes by using this repeater use will face many issues. The most common is “NO INTERNET” issue. Here are some reasons why this issue occurs.

  • Repeater not connecting with modem.
  • Extender not configured properly.
  • Modem is not connected with DSL.
  • Extender firmware is not updated.
  • Slow internet connection, server error

These are some common reasons why user’s will face this kind of issue. So here are some solutions for how you can fix it. 

Place repeater near to the router

During setting up sometimes user’s will place their repeater too far from the router. This can create problems. Be sure that your repeater is in the proper range of the wireless router. And the connected wires are also inserted properly. A loose connection can also create this kind of issue. If your router is not working or not powered ‘ON” this kind of problem can create. 

Configure devolo repeater properly

During setting up your repeater, if you skipped any steps it may cause this kind of problem. So be sure that your repeater is configured properly. You can use two methods by connecting your repeater directly using an ethernet port. OR by using the WPS method. 

WPS –  Bring your repeater near to the router and plug it’s power adapter into a working electrical outlet and power it “ON”. Now find the WPS button of your repeater and press it for 20 seconds. In the same manner press the WPS or your repeater too. Be sure that the button will be pressed on each device within 2 minutes. Otherwise the connection will be lost. 

Ethernet port –  In order to configure using ethernet port. You must take an ethernet cable. Then, Insert one end to the wireless router port and another with extender port. Now connect your device mobile/pc/laptop with the extender network and open any browser. In the URL box type the default IP Address and search for it. You will redirect to the administration login portal of your devolo wireless range extender.

Update the firmware

If the given steps also have not fixed your problem, Then simply check the firmware version of your extender. If your extender firmware is outdated and not updated from time to time. This kind of problem can occur. In order to update, simply visit the devolo official website and download the latest firmware version according to model number and save it to the desktop. Now open the admin center of your extender and click to advanced settings. Here you will find the firmware option simply select it. A new window will open select desktop and click to your downloaded file now simply update it. In this way you can update the firmware. 


If the given steps can’t fix your problem, Only one solution is left of reset. Simply press the “RESET” button of your extender for 15 seconds and release it. When the LED lights start to blink randomly it means the reset process is going on. After sometime your device will fully reset and ready to use.

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