Design The Perfect Lobby Signs For Your Business With These Tips!

The lobby is the most important business area because it provides the first impression for the guests, visitors, and clients about your business. So, you should put extra effort into designing the new lobby sign.

The process is overwhelming and exciting, but you should avoid common pitfalls. Your sign needs to fit your business space properly and express your brand innovatively. No ugly cords should hand out and ensure the design goes well with another lobby décor. If you do not know how to proceed with the design further by avoiding major mistakes, look below.

It describes the vital Signs Tips provided by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays to follow to design the Lobby Signs in Waldorf, Maryland.

What to consider to design lobby signs

Whenever designing Lobby Signs, you should keep considering these things carefully. Or else, you will never get the desired result.

Consider the elements you want to include

Your custom lobby sign must include your brand name. In addition, it should contain a handful of elements such as your logo, motto, and message.

Adding these elements will make the sign attractive and innovative. But, ensure you add the most reliable elements to attract the customers at first sight. You can add the two most important elements to your brand in your lobby sign. Or, keep it simple with the brand name. But, again, the choice is up to you because you will know the behavior and expectations of your targeted audience.

Look at the lobby 

Corporate Business Signs may look simple at first, but it has the potential to reap big benefits. So, before thinking about lobby signage design, you should choose the right spot in your lobby. Apart from the attractive design, the sign’s placement makes a huge difference in getting the desired outcome. Spend time and think about where the signage would look the best.

Whether facing the outdoor window or door, the sign should place in a strategic location to achieve maximum positive impact. Be careful when taking measurements because the right side of the lobby signage impacts your visitors greatly. As mentioned earlier, consider other décor elements the sign is required to complement.

Place the sign at the prominent visible position, and thus customers will witness the sign while they enter the space.

Look up the branding and material 

Regardless of Dimensional Signage or lobby signs, you should pay attention to materials. However, it is not necessary to engage with the specific material. You will choose from vinyl, wood, glass, metal, and plastic according to your branding needs.

But, ensure the material you select reflects your brand appropriately. For example, metal is the perfect fit for a reliable and stable brand. Utilize the right material to add an impression to your brand. The durability, look, and price of the sign will change according to the choice of material. Therefore, think about these aspects before deciding.

Understand how to light up sign

Sign lighting plays a vital role in achieving your goals easily. Lobby signage is also used as the Wayfinding Signs to direct the customers and clients to access the facility they want.

So, lighting the signs is important to seek their attention quickly and helps them avoid many troubles in getting what they want without disturbing others. Your sign can light from the front, back, or both because it is your choice. You can even light the whole sign with LEDs to save money. If you wish, you can light up specific elements only. But, ensure you use the unique lighting option to assist your sign catch as much attention as possible.

Design the lobby sign with experts’ help!

Even though you understand well these design tips, you still have some hesitation in trying out the Custom Signs for your lobby. Do not worry! You can leave this task to Baltimore Sign Company Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays.

We offer the best Lobby Signs in Waldorf, Marylandat a budget-friendly rate for different companies. From Wall Wraps to Window Graphics, we have everything to meet your sign needs. Whether you wish to design interior or exterior, our signage experts will help you and render enough guidance. If you need any help, then contact us anytime.

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