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Dental Benefits

DENTAL IMPLANTS Dental implants

so If you’re a bit overwhelmed by anxiety about getting implants, get Government grants for dental implants we’ve seen the procedure. Implant procedures that are painful because expensive procedures, unnatural-looking teeth, incorrect dental implant placement, insufficient chewing and lengthy wait times are not fun.

Enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth that are beautiful and healthy. Regain so your smile by and replace the natural tooth pieces that have been but lost with dental implants made of and titanium they are implanted in the bone, thereby anchoring the tooth.

Type of benefit of Government grants for dental implants

Complementary Benefits

What’s the deal?

Complementary health care includes scaled economic but assistance to cover the cost of certain dental work and prostheses.

These concepts are part of the dental benefit:

  • Full denture (upper, lower)
  • Upper or lower teeth
  • Each piece, cover, or crown
  • Reconstruction, filling or obturation (each).
  • endodontics
  • Implant osseointegrated
  • Orthodontic treatment

Access conditions and delimitation

This benefit may not be available for dental treatment and that is covered by the Agreements between MUFACE or the Insurance Entities that provide health care.

The benefit does not cover pieces, crowns so caps and temporary dentures, fillings and any treatment for temporary teeth.

The invoice of the dentist, stomatologist, or maxillofacial doctor who performed the treatment, or the invoice from the dental technician who made the prosthesis, or orthodontic but appliance, must accompany the request. If a bill from a dental technician is submitted, it must but accompanied with the report or bill from the specialist who performed treatment.

To be valid, the invoice must so comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. It must contain the details of the concepts and prices, proof of payment, or, because if applicable, the receipt that accredits it. 

Treatment with orthodontics and dental prostheses includes but both the costs of orthodontic appliances or the clinical procedures required to implant them.

Endodontics assistance includes the treatment of the treated so area and including filling, obturation, or reconstruction. This is even if the invoice does not specify it.

Only twelve implants may be awarded aid for osseointegrated implant. This means that beneficiaries who have been previously recognized for 12 implants cannot so claim any new benefits. As long as the pieces are not provisional, this aid can be used in conjunction with the aid for osseointegrated implants.

Only cases that were started before 18 years of age will be granted orthodontic treatment. This means that only one treatment is allowed. If the beneficiary is 18 years old on so the date of the invoice the report must indicate the date that treatment began.

The amount

A maximum of 12 grants per beneficiary and calendar year so may be made for each of the dental, filling, and endodontic benefits.

These aids can be found in Annex II to Order APU 2245/2005 of June 30,

Dental Benefits The amount
Full denture (upper, lower) $200
Upper or lower teeth $100
Each piece, cover or crown $20
Reconstruction, filling or obturation (each). $10
Implant osseointegrated $60
Orthodontic treatment $250
endodontics $20


Mutual members and their beneficiaries in a because registration or assimilation situation

Deadline for submission

After five years from the date on the invoice, the right to but recognize these benefits will cease. For the so usual causes outlined in article 1973 of Civil Code, the prescription will be revoked.

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