Design Features for Custom Foundation Boxes That Are Currently in Trend

Custom foundation boxes in 2022.

Custom foundation boxes are a unique type of cosmetic packaging. The alluring style and rich persona of products are the foundation of most cosmetic brands. They are made of strong, high-quality cardboard. They guard the liquid foundation bottles. This stock has some temperature resistance. It reduces the risk of product quality loss.

foundation boxes

They are printed in various colors. Many companies have them made with their logo on them. It gives them long-term branding. Ingredients, manufacturing, and expiration dates are usually printed on them. They come in various designs. They are usually rectangular but made in other shapes. A fine finish and water resistance achieve by applying premium vinyl lamination sheets.

Creatively designed boxes can enhance the foundation’s image. They have unique designs. But which are the most common? 

Color Coordination:

Colors are the basic elements that make packaging appealing. they are vital for Custom foundation boxes. This design uses the same color as the product inside. What can be more useful and appealing than providing accurate product information without opening it? The color of the product inside is easily identified. Alternatively, print the box in the same color or part. It helps customers make decisions. It is why it is so popular.

Shoulder Bag Design:

Custom boxes style is top of the list. Both businesses and customers love this elegant one. They have a base, a tray, and a lid. In the base is a tray that is covered by a lid. The base and lid mostly match, but the tray has a contrasting color. Two are famous. The first has a base and lid that match the item inside. The tray is dark. In the second, the tray matches the product inside. The base and lid are different colors. A thin line of foundation color appears in the middle.

Cardboard Design Boxes:

Cardboard Sleeve Boxes are the best. It is due to their distinct style that they quickly attract customers. This one has two parts. One is a sleeve or a package. They glorify the product persona. Many high-end businesses use them to show their wealth. The upper part has the information, and the lower part has the company’s logo or name.

Die-Cut Window Boxes:

Die-cut window has proven to be one of the most impactful design elements. This window’s Discounted cosmetic foundation boxes were trendy in 2022. People can see the item before buying it. It ensures that no one touches the product, potentially contaminating it. The window is mostly sealed with a clear vinyl sheet that protects it from dust, moisture, and other harmful elements.

foundation boxes

Customized Shaped Gifts:

People are sick of traditional cube-shaped packaging. That is why personalized Kraft Paper Boxes are so popular. Customers can now choose from packaging shapes such as pillows, cylindrical, pentagonal, pyramidal, etc. The shape is customize to reflect specific events in the target audience’s life. But only on special order. It is a top trending song.

Custom Photo Printing:

Pictures are very important in cosmetic packaging. Likewise, they are vital for the foundation packages. The product bottle image is very popular. The most popular image is of a celebrity or model applying the product to her skin. That attracts most customers. Printing at high resolution can be costly. That’s why companies buy Boxes & Packaging Wholesale to keep costs down.

Skincare Foundation Boxes:

A network is lovely on skincare product packaging. That makes the Custom foundation boxes look better. They printed with various illustrations. The most popular ones print in the same color as the product and enhance the item’s personality. Custom printed wholesale boxes are widely available. But there are a few that have gained popularity. These are some of the hottest designs for 2022. Based on the above information, they will help you decide which one to buy for your items.

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