Cloud Computing Software That Is Alternative to Google Drive

Good cloud computing software provides access to stored and secured files. Google Drive has been a useful tool till now for many users. But it comes up with some limitations with its use which cannot be ignored easily. There are some other alternatives to google drive. These alternatives are presented below:

Canto Dam

The best alternative to Google Drive in the field of business is DAM (Digital Asset Management). It is the need of most organisations as they require great cloud storage. It is a highly secured cloud computing software. Further, it provides administration extensive user control that allows access to significant files. It aid employees and teams to complete their tasks on time. Furthermore, it provides freedom to the managers to focus their interests on significant tasks. DAM is an enterprise-based service. It has modern data storage management. This allows the user to search and access all uploaded files. This feature of DAM makes it a good alternative to Google Drive.


Another alternative to Google drive is Dropbox. It is a famous cloud service available for various operating systems like mobile, mac and Windows. It is cloud computing software that provides user free storage for saving large files. One of the advantages of Dropbox over Google Drive is that it has an increased security system. This is making it a more modern storage tool. It gives an inclusive basic storage practice. However, this cloud storage service provides good security. It falls under the attack of hackers due to its popularity for secured storage of sensitive data. Even after this, it is a good alternative to Google Drive. But this should not be your first choice for the alternative of Google Drive.


Recommended by a PhD dissertation help firm, sync is a good alternative to Google Drive when it comes to sharing large-size files. It allows its users to share files and information without any size limitations. It is used greatly because you can access it from various devices. Further, it also provides data regulation which allows its user to retrieve files. This means that your data is never lost. If you want to share large files simultaneously, Sync is the best alternative to Google Drive. It provides an expended sharing of cloud files. One drawback of this software is that it lacks the organisation of the data in the storage. Large organisations save large sizes of data in the storage. Due to lack of organisation, they have problems locating the required files from the storage. Sync can be a good alternative to Google Drive when it comes to sharing large files in one go.


Microsoft provides its cloud computing software known as the OneDrive. It provides easy integration with the Office suite. It is the best feature of the OneDrive. Further, it best integrates with the programs like Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The organisations which use Office, OneDrive makes the completion of the projects easy for them. Another advantage of OneDrive, which makes it a good alternative to Google Drive, is the potential collaboration for organisations. Especially for the organisation that want to edit files together in teams. It flourishes by its integrations. Office integrated products are only available for the user who have ownership of the Office suite in Onedrive.


pCloud is an effective and efficient cloud computing software and a storage place. It is easy to use. It provides security features like solid passwords and encoded folders. Further, it is easy to use. These features of pCloud make it affordable and perfect for use as storage. It provides frequently upgraded options and tools. It is the cloud storage that is most accessible with mobile. Also, it can be the best alternative to Google drive. A security upgrade over Drive is the need. It outshines the when it comes to the security of information and files.


Various cloud computing software have different features. You can choose a cloud computing software according to your needs. You should make sure that the cloud storage system you choose has unique and useful features distinct from basic services. There are different cloud storage that can be used as an alternative to Google Drive. These cloud computing softwares include OneDrive, Sync, CantoDam, DropBox and pCloud. These softwares provide different services. For example, some are good at providing security. Some are good at sharing large data files, and some provide good data organisation. Therefore, you can choose the alternative of Google Drive according to your requirements.

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