Cisco Network Switch

Cisco Network Switch

Cisco Network Switch

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s a great day for sports! Toronto Raptors are the NBA World Champions and the St. Louis Blues have won the Stanley Cup for the first time in addition, Rafael Nadal won the French Open. Day 2 is underweight on Pebble Beach for the 119th US Open.

What do you have planned in preparation for Father’s Day here in the U.S.? I know what’s in store for me this Sunday!

I’ve got a treat to share with you today. I had a wonderful partner within Minas Gerais, Brazil a few years ago. I came across an Instagram post which featured our Cisco Business account. We then talked about the topic and then had an instant webex conference. 

I requested Bruno to explain something about his company and to show me some images. What I didn’t realize was I would discover a wonderful story as well as the background to the young man’s business. I believe you’ll enjoy the story and his journey. Be aware that his language of birth is Portuguese.

I’ve been within IT professionally since I was 15. I’m an IT expert in a tiny town that is located within the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. I am responsible for several IT infrastructures of small companies there, such as Helpdesk troubleshooting computer network projects, etc. I’ve also been a part of the technical team at NBC during Rio 2016. Summer as well as the PyeongChang 2018, the Winter Olympics. Buy refurbished dell r5500 specs price online in ae.

Elipses lab located in Bom Despacho, Minas Gerais

I’ve previously worked in an area computer shop for several years before I took the decision to launch my own company. I began making repairs to computers while in bed. After some time, I had to remove my bed to make room for my equipment, and then slept on an old mattress for a time. 

Following that, I relocated my “business” into the living room and the number of customers was growing. I’ve been in the room for some time and was saving up money to construct an office. It was built literally from the ground up. 

After many hours of work and saving money, I’ve finished the construction and moved into my new home, which is small but cozy and well-equipped to work in order to meet with my clients.

Concerning Cisco Small Business Equipment: I’ve always enjoyed Cisco Small Business Equipment. They’re sturdy and stable. 

One thing I tell my clients is that if your business isn’t slowing down you, then choose Cisco. It’s not just a router or switch. I used to call it “The Router” which is the most effective networking equipment that money can purchase.

My initial Cisco network in this particular case was for a customer who has several ink shops located within Minas Gerais, something around 11. Luidar Tintas. (www.luidar.com.br) We have decided to create a brand new network based on Cisco SG switches as well as access points, and Routers RV for the main office. 

The result was fantastic. The business owner was extremely pleased because there were no longer any problems that arose in the previous network. We also chose to install Cisco in all of the other locations. So far, we’ve had 5 installations. Check out dell poweredge r810 specs price online.

Another client, a logistics and transportation company called. Transradar had serious issues with establishing communications with a server located on the headquarters: Every day around 5 pm, when the workload was heavy, the system started to slow down and fail to connect. 

I set up a brand new network based on the Cisco Small Business SG-220 smart Switch as well as a Cisco RV340 VPN router. I set up a main fiber internet connection as well as an additional backup ADSL connection. The problems were resolved and the network is much more smoothly and stable following Cisco.

RV340 VPN Router and SG220 Smart Switch

This particular project is very important for me. There’s a group in my country that provides care of disabled people known as APAE (www.apae.com.br).

They offer education through instructors and health care including psychologists, doctors and more at no cost.

My town has the network they are currently using in a state of disarray: A lot of tiny desktop switches of low-quality that are cascaded throughout buildings, as well as routers intended for use at home and bad cabling. 

A year ago, I advised them that they required an upgrade to their network, however since all their services are funded by donations and the events they hold to raise money and fundraising, they had no money to finance their new infrastructure until just a few weeks ago. 

Then they reached out to me last week to inform me that “Hey Bruno, we have now the resources to purchase our Cisco Small Business hardware that you’ve recommended and we’ve given you our permission to begin the process.

I am grateful that I am able to help them by offering my assistance and expertise in their goal of aiding disabled people. I don’t have any photos of the final setup as the electrician is operating the cables. However, below are some images of their rack that has already been pre-assembled at my workplace.

I enjoy being a part of Cisco equipment because I am confident in the company, they’re quick and assist people in connecting better and more efficiently. I’m likely never need to visit that customer again to resolve any future problems with their network. The next time I visit them will be for firmware upgrades and network expansion or to sit down and chat with them.”


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