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8 Causes of Early Ejaculation That are Ruining Your Nights

Premature ejaculation occurs when you reach orgasm within just a minute after beginning intercourse (PE). Conversely, if you ejaculate rapidly and lose your erection, you and your female partner might not always have a pleasant sexual experience. Furthermore, you may not be aware of the cause of early ejaculation.

Yet, don’t worry. With premature ejaculation medicine, the treatment of premature ejaculation is achievable. It’s inconvenient and, at times, offensive. However, it is a common issue among men.

Addressing the early ejaculation problems causes, on the other hand, can assist treat this issue. Natural therapies or any other treatment of premature ejaculation can manage this condition.

Psychological and biological reasons can be the leading cause of early ejaculation.

Why Know The Reason for Early Ejaculation?


The major reason you should find out what causes early ejaculation is that it impacts your life quality. There may be problems in your relationship if you are unable to pleasure your spouse.


Without a question, PE is detrimental to any relation, and it typically affects both partners. The man because he ejaculates too early. The girl, since she is still sexually dissatisfied.


Sexual relations are involved in or play a crucial role in any relationship. Furthermore, it accounts for a considerable percentage of the fun and fulfilment in every relationship.


As a result, any unaddressed sexual issues can gradually demolish any great relationship.


As a result, you must take premature ejaculation medicines or take any suitable treatment.

8 Cause of Early Ejaculation

1. Serotonin

Though the actual cause of PE is unknown, serotonin may contribute.  Serotonin is a naturally chemical in your body, produced by nerves. Serotonin levels in the brain are high, which lengthens its time to ejaculate. Low doses can cause PE by reducing the time to ejaculate.

So, this can be a possible early ejaculation problems causes.

2. Age

PE can happen at any age. Ageing is not the main cause of early ejaculation, although it does affect erections and orgasms. Erections in older men may be less solid or larger and would not last long as they should prior ejaculation happens. The sensation that ejaculation has to occur may be shorter. These alterations can cause an older man to ejaculate faster.

3. Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety are prominent reasons for Premature Ejaculation. Because stress hurts your life, it can also affect your sexual function.

As a result, your sex drive will suffer.

Stress changes brain chemistry by causing chemicals to be released. This alerts the nervous and endocrine systems, causing the body to get concerned. As a result, the ejaculatory reflex activity decreases.

4. Biological Factors

There is numerous physiologic cause of early ejaculation. This includes the following:

  • Hormone levels that are abnormal
  • Abnormally high neurotransmitter levels (brain chemicals)
  • Inflammation and sickness of the prostate or urethra
  • Any genetic abnormalities

5. Drugs and Alcohol

Premature ejaculation is caused by alcohol and unlawful recreational drugs such as cocaine. If you’re having difficulties with your arousal, stick to the recommended daily dosage of these products or entirely avoid them.

Premature ejaculation medicine can help you if ED is a frequent problem.

6. ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Erectile dysfunction is a male-specific ailment. Men concerned about maintaining the erection during intercourse may develop the habit of speeding to ejaculate. As a result, overcoming this behaviour can be difficult.

7. Oversensitivity

Oversensitivity would be another cause of premature ejaculation in some cases. Apply anaesthetic cream or a condom if this is the situation. This could help prolong intercourse, and this is because it reduces arousal, and it will cause ejaculation to be delayed.

However, if this is the cause of early ejaculation since the beginning of your sex life, oversensitivity might be a primary cause of PE.

8. Emotions or guilt

As a result, the reason of premature ejaculation can occur when a guy realises his incapacity to predict when he could be about to ejaculate. Furthermore, various psychological factors might be the cause of early ejaculation.

This can include marital problems, sex guilt, or sex-related anxieties.

When Is It Safe to Have Premature Ejaculation Medicines With No Prescription?

You cannot take any premature ejaculation medication unless you know your problem. So, let the doctor completely diagnose the illness. Following that, seek out any treatments that will address your illness.

Furthermore, if you believe that oversensitivity is the cause of early ejaculation, you should consider wearing condoms. As a result, it will reduce overstimulation. If you consume alcohol or illegal medications, keep the dosages minimum.

When Can PE Medication Be Consumed?

It is always best to take any drug only with a doctor’s prescription. Since many pharmaceuticals are unsafe and make deceptive claims.

To be safe and prevent aggravating the condition, always take premature ejaculation drugs with a medical recommendation.

Furthermore, the specialists at Ohman can assist you in selecting the appropriate drug. You will be aware of the appropriate dosage. Also, learn about any home remedy for treating premature ejaculation.


If PE is causing problems in your relationship, talk about it with your partner. Anxiety and stress exacerbate PE. Furthermore, premature ejaculation could make conception challenging.

Due to the possibility that the sperm will not fertilise the egg. On the other hand, stress levels can harm sperm quality.

So, find the cause of early ejaculation and consume the right premature ejaculation medicine.

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