Catch the seed pokemon that is seen walking in the river

Seed Pokemon is one of the many types of Pokemon that can be found in the wild. They are often seen walking in rivers or other bodies of water and can be caught by Trainers using a Poke Ball.

Seed Pokemon are known for their ability to grow plants and flowers. They are also able to create fresh water from their own bodies, making them an important part of the ecosystem.

Catching a Seed Pokemon is a great way to add another member to your team, and they can be very helpful in battle. If you see one walking in the river, don’t hesitate to throw a Poke Ball at it!

Seed pokemon are seen walking in rivers all over the world. In order to catch one of these elusive creatures, you’ll need to be quick and have a net ready.

Once you’ve spotted a seed pokemon, approach it cautiously so as not to scare it away. When you’re close enough, throw your net over the pokemon and give it a good tug. With any luck, you’ll have yourself a new pokemon!

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