Can You Use a Bike Helmet for Skateboarding?

While many bikers may use a bike helmet for skateboarding, that is not always the best option. There are several important factors to consider before choosing a helmet for skateboarding. In addition to safety standards, skateboarding helmets have a denser foam, improved ventilation, and better impact protection. Below, we’ll discuss some things to consider when selecting a skateboarding helmet.

Skateboarding helmets are multi-impact helmets

When choosing an electric skateboard, you should keep in mind that skateboarding helmets are designed differently than those for cycling. Bike helmets are made with vents to keep air moving, whereas skateboard helmets have smaller vents and do not allow air to flow. Additionally, skateboarding helmets tend to retain heat due to their foam lining. This may be a factor in deciding which skateboarding helmet is best for you.

Many types of skateboarding helmets are multi-impact, which means they can handle multiple impacts. The foam in these helmets helps to manage energy, and many skateboard helmets are designed to handle a single hard impact or a few softer ones. Some skateboard helmets use rubbery material called EPP, which can be recycled after an impact. However, some skateboarding helmets do not contain this type of material, which is a problem when kids are learning to ride a skateboard.

They are made of a denser foam

While bikers are not likely to fall on their back, kids are more likely to. As such, children’s bike helmets are constructed with a denser foam to protect the back of the head. While the difference in design is minimal, the most significant difference between bike helmets and skateboard helmets is the type of foam used. Bike helmets are designed for a single, harder impact, while electric skateboard helmets withstand multiple, soft impacts.

The EPS used in bicycle helmets is higher quality than that in picnic coolers. It is also adjustable to achieve optimal crush in an impact at a given impact level. Additionally, manufacturers can modify the density of foam cell additives to improve the helmet’s impact resistance. Some of these additives are used to color foam or make it more resistant to cracking and other issues.

They comply with safety standards

There are a few things to look for in a bike helmet for skateboarding. First of all, a helmet must meet CPSC standards. While non-compliant helmets may look cool, they offer significantly less protection than CPSC-certified ones. In addition, you should never use a skate helmet inside an office. This is because the force of an impact is too high to be adequately protected by an ordinary helmet.

As with any bike helmet, there are two main types. Single-hit helmets are designed to withstand a single impact, while multiple-hit helmets are designed to protect against repeated hits. Bike helmets are usually made from thicker outer shells, while skateboard helmets are made of soft foam. EPS is a better choice for single-impact accidents. It can also be restored to its original shape after a crash.


Vented bicycle helmets are often made of carbon fiber or Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass, while skateboard helmets are typically made of a harder outer surface. Vented bike helmets are usually lighter and more comfortable, but they do not have the same ventilation features as skateboard helmets. They also usually have lower vents and more of a round shape, which is more conducive to decoration. A good bike helmet for skateboarding should have enough vents to provide the necessary ventilation.

When buying a bike helmet, you should consider style and safety, and choose one that reflects your style. Many bike helmets have front and rear vents to help keep you cool. They also have a removable liner, which allows for easy cleaning. A bike helmet with multiple vents is also more comfortable. You should consider the size of the vents when shopping for a helmet, and remember that the size should match your head size.


There are many different styles of bike helmets for skateboarding, and each has its own pros and cons. If you’re new to the sport, consider investing in a good helmet to protect your head from injuries. Here are some tips to help you decide which style is right for you. You’ll also want to know the safety standards of the helmet before you buy it. You can find these standards in a pamphlet at your local skateboarding store.

As a general rule, bike helmets marketed for skateboarding and skating don’t have to meet a specific standard. If the helmet doesn’t meet either standard, don’t purchase it. Check the label to ensure it’s certified to CPSC and ASTM standards. If you’re unsure, you can purchase an inexpensive helmet.

Final Verdict

While skateboarding is not as dangerous as biking, you should still wear a bike helmet. Skateboarders are prone to back-to-head collisions, and your bike helmet may not be enough to prevent such injury. While many bike helmets have many features that are useful in skating, they differ in their functionality. By following these tips, you can ensure that your bike helmet is safe and effective for your skating adventures.

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