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Buy a cabinet

Buy a cabinet At GAMMA you always have the best price-quality ratio. This is partly due to the expertise in all types of panels and storage options. In the webshop, you will find solid cabinets with shelves, drawers, and rods and you can choose from:


Handy cabinet for your kitchen and bedroom

A handy cupboard is a cupboard where you have everything within reach and which is not in the way at the same time. This is especially important in your kitchen because you spend a lot of time there and in the kitchen, you need a lot of storage space to give each item a place. And we take that into account at GAMMA. That is why you will find a lot of cabinets with different shelves. You can also store all your clothes neatly in the bedroom.


Modern interior cabinet

An interior cabinet with a sliding door looks exceptionally well in a modern interior. You can choose from sliding door panels with a wood structure or plain white interior cabinets that increase the spacious feeling. Both models are timeless and match all furniture. You will find both small and large wardrobes, with or without drawers and handles. If you like an interior cabinet with a mirror, be sure to take a look at the large sliding door interior cabinets with a mirror.


Storage cabinet that fits in any room

In the webshop, you will find both open and closed storage cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for a storage room or workspace because you can expand them yourself according to the space you need. For example, in the webshop, you will find all the cabinet accessories you need, such as extra shelves, boxes, or drawers. You can combine a storage cabinet with storage racks and accessories. Order today before 9 pm. at GAMMA, you will have everything at home tomorrow.


Whatever your interior preferences or clothing style, everyone needs a wardrobe. Maybe you are such a lover of clothes, shoes, and accessories that one wardrobe is not enough. At KARWEI you will find a wide range of wardrobes, so you will always find a wardrobe that suits your taste and amount of clothing. The size is also important with wardrobes. At KARWEI you will find various spacious and conveniently arranged wall cabinets that fit well in most bedrooms. Do you think ‘fitting well’ is not enough and do you want a wardrobe that fits perfectly? At KARWEI you can put together a tailor-made wardrobe so that you always order a perfectly fitting wardrobe.


Wardrobe with sliding doors

In most cases, KARWEI wardrobes can be arranged according to your own preference. In this way, you divide the space in the way that best suits the clothes you have. You also have a lot of choices in the appearance and space requirements of your wardrobe. A deep wardrobe is nice if you have a large room, but if you are struggling with little play, we also have less deep wardrobes in our range. Choose doors with mirrors, such as the Janneke wardrobe 152 cm light oak + mirror, so that you can immediately see how your outfit looks on you. And if you don’t like patio doors, a wardrobe with sliding doors is also easy to find.


Wardrobe for the nursery

Because a wardrobe can quickly become quite large, many people look for ways to make it as compact as possible. Certainly, for a wardrobe in a children’s room, there is a need for a solution that is as compact as possible. If your space is limited, wardrobes with sliding doors are an ideal solution. It makes a difference that you don’t need extra space for the French doors of your wardrobe. In addition, a wardrobe with sliding doors is a beautiful addition to any children’s room. Get more tips about buying guide 


Buy wardrobe online

At KARWEI you can buy a wardrobe both online and in the hardware store. If you order a cabinet in the webshop, we will simply deliver it to your home. It is true that a number of our wardrobes are only available in the hardware store. Check online which KARWEI hardware store has your preferred wardrobe in stock and where you can view a show model. When a wardrobe is in stock at the hardware store, it is of course possible to take it with you immediately. If not, we will gladly order your favorite wardrobe for you

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