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Breadcrumb Navigation – Does It Affect SEO?

Breadcrumb navigation is the website navigational element that we use to enhance the user experience and crawlability of a website. Nowadays, tons of websites are still not using breadcrumbs. From the SEO point of view, it is a huge mistake. The webmasters should know that we can easily implement them on the websites. These are the websites links that provide help to the visits to crawl your website. The breadcrumbs also tell the visitors that how far away they are from the home page. They work just like the internal links. When you will use them, you can easily keep the users on the website. They also provide help to the users to find suitable information on the website. These breadcrumbs also make it easy for the users to backtrack the links.

Common Types of Breadcrumbs

If you are focusing on the breadcrumb navigation of your website, you should know that it has three types. No doubt, all the breadcrumbs are not equal for your website. They have different purposes and uses. Before adding them to your website, you should get enough information about them.

Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs

These are the most common types of breadcrumbs for the breadcrumb navigation of your website. When you will use them on your website, they provide complete information to the users about the structure of your website. Moreover, they also provide information on how to go back to the homepage.

For example: Home > SEO > Off-Page SEO

Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs

If you are running an e-commerce website, you should use these kinds of breadcrumbs for the breadcrumb navigation of your website. They provide complete information about the attribution of your website.

For example: Home > Clothes > Men

History-Based Breadcrumbs

These kinds of breadcrumbs will show the history of the users on a specific website. They work just like search engines. For example, if you have visited a science website and you have visited two different articles, these breadcrumbs will look like this:

Home > Science Article 1 > Science Article 2 > Current Page

Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs for SEO of Your Website

Breadcrumb navigation has lots of benefits for the SEO of your website. Some webmasters are not sure about the worth of the hassle of this technique. They should know the following benefits of breadcrumb navigation for the SEO of a website.

It Improves User Experience

We have talked with top web programmers of Affordable Dissertation UK. According to them, user experience is the best way to enhance the SEO of your website. Due to the lack of user experience, the readers will never spend enough time on your website. As a webmaster, if you will use breadcrumb navigation in your website, you can make it easy for the users to navigate through your website. It is also the best way to encourage the users to navigate the other sections of a website. It is also a handy way to guide the users throughout the website. They can guide the users about the information on your website. In the end, they will draw the users deeper into your website. A better user experience lasts enough impact on the SEO of a website.

It Improves Site Ranking

Along with improving the user experience of a website, you can also use it to make Google happy. Its reason is that Google is using breadcrumb navigation for the categorization and contextualization of the content. That’s why Google has added breadcrumb navigation in the search results. This thing is showing the importance of breadcrumbs in Google. When users will see breadcrumbs in the SERPs, they know the actual standing of the web page on your website. This thing will provide a double benefit to the site owners. If your website has lots of pages, it will provide real value to your website. The research is showing that if you have enabled breadcrumb navigation in your website, you can increase the chances of your website appearing in the top 10 search results.

Decrease the Bounce Rate of a Website

No doubt, bounce rate is not a direct ranking factor for a website. Anyhow, it can provide some indirect signals to the websites about the SEO of a website. If your website has a high bounce rate, it will show Google that people are facing problems with the user experience of your website. When you will add breadcrumb navigation to your website, you can ultimately solve the problems relevant to the user experience of a website. As a result, you can easily optimize the bounce rate of your website. Here, we can also discuss the case study of MOZ. MOZ has added breadcrumbs to some websites. After some months, they have observed that their sessions are drastically increased.

Mistakes to Avoid While Adding Breadcrumbs

No doubt, it is a straightforward way to improve the user experience of a website. Anyhow, you can still make some mistakes. You should make them easy to see. Here, you should not use smaller or bigger fonts. In some cases, the webmasters just repeat their navigation bar. They should know that anything duplicate will not work for your website. Along with avoiding navigation, you should not rely on breadcrumbs. Its reason is that you can serve them as a supplement for other navigational features. Therefore, you should not replace them with other navigational features. At last, you will have to use the right type of breadcrumb navigation. No doubt, location breadcrumbs are the most common types of breadcrumbs. If you are using nested structures on your website, you should not use them. Under such a situation, history breadcrumbs will be beneficial for your website.


In breadcrumb navigation, you will have to make simple changes to your website to stand out in the SERPs. Anyhow, it doesn’t provide a guarantee to webmasters. It can provide help to your website stand up in the search engines by providing the best user experience. Nowadays, Google has also started to show them in the SERPs. Therefore, if you will implement them correctly, you can easily increase your chances to show up your website in the top 10 search results. You should not worry about their implementation because you can easily implement them by using the Yoast plugin. While implementing them, you should use the specific font style and size. You should also select the right category of breadcrumbs for your website.

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