Bookmaker affiliate program

Due to the accelerated growth in the number of bookmakers, competition between them is rapidly increasing. These representatives of the gambling industry have to find the newest ways of promotion in order to be able to attract as many bettors as possible. Standard advertising does not always bring the desired result to companies. In addition, it needs considerable financial investments. For many, this is unprofitable, and not everyone has financial opportunities. In some cases, it makes no sense to spend money on useless advertising. That’s why we came up with affiliate programs.

A very profitable and convenient alternative promotion option is a betting bookmaker affiliate program. With a competent approach, it can show high performance, bringing not losses, but rather high profits for all participants in the program. Moreover, income at the same time can be received not only by the bookmakers themselves, replenishing the ranks of regular bettors, but also by webmasters, who are given the opportunity to monetize their traffic by promoting the offices. Thus, we see that affiliate programs bring benefits and profits to each participant.

Features of accrual of profit

Affiliate programs may offer different payment options. In the first case, an affiliate program member receives a fixed amount for each user who clicks on the link and goes to the website of the betting company. The main condition is that such a visitor must perform a targeted action on the resource – verify an email address, replenish an account, fill out a questionnaire, and so on, and not just go and that’s it.

Another option provides for the existence of long-term payments in the form of a percentage of the amount lost by all users attracted by the participant. Usually, no one manages to get such income in a short time. However, subsequently, the amount of passive income can be quite high. There are typically several ways to withdraw payments. For example, many affiliate programs allow you to withdraw the money received to a bank card, electronic wallet, and more. There are some alternative options.

What is required to participate in the partnership?

It is quite simple to take part in the betting affiliate program. The main difficulty is to choose a quality offer. It is on this that the profit received as a result of the implementation of the advertising campaign will depend. In order for the income to be stable, it is necessary to select reliable bookmakers that legally operate on the basis of a license. In this case, they will have the trust of potential bettors, as they have a good reputation among gambling enthusiasts. You should also make sure that the office has a simple registration form, and its minimum allowable deposit is at a loyal level. This is especially important, since the receipt of dividends directly depends on whether the visitor becomes a regular customer of the bookmaker or not.

If a partner is selected, you must proceed to registration. Then the program participant will be able to receive all the necessary promotional materials. You need to start promotion by choosing the optimal traffic source. These may be the following options:

  • pages in social networks;
  • YouTube channels;
  • Google, etc.

You can use one tool or several at once. Thus, we see that affiliate programs work quite simply and clearly, bringing benefits and profits to each participant.

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