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What Is Batu Decking? Benefits Of Batu Decking

What Is Batu Decking?

Batu hardwood decking is the ultimate choice for high-end outdoor living spaces. It comes in 20′ lengths, yard-packed or pulled-to-length, and is incredibly easy to install with traditional face-fastening methods. The wood is naturally resistant to rot, and it is one of the most cost-effective Asian hardwoods available. The wood is harvested sustainably from Indonesia’s tropical hardwood forests, which were set aside for public use as part of a national development program in the 1970s.

Types of Batu Decking

Red Batu

Red Batu is a dense hardwood native to Southeast Asia. It is also known as mahogany and Kayu Batu. Whether you’re looking for a traditional deck or a contemporary design, this hardwood offers a wide range of features that will complement your home’s style and decor. Made from 100% natural wood, this hardwood is naturally resistant to termites and other common wood decays. It is also more affordable than other tropical hardwoods, which can be expensive.


Red Balau wood is 100% legal and harvested in Indonesia. The rich dark color of the heartwood of the wood closely resembles the classic appearance of Mahogany. The heartwood of Batu is usually a medium to deep red color with a dark red or brown undertone. Often characterized by resin canals with white contents, these canals appear in concentric patterns on the end surfaces, producing a rich visual effect.


Red Balau wood is a rare hardwood from Indonesia. It is also known as Kayu Batu and Mahogany and is comparable in strength and beauty to other tropical hardwoods. It is an excellent choice for decking because it is less expensive than Ipe. When choosing Batu decking, make sure to choose the best quality. A higher-quality Batu wood deck will have a beautiful appearance. It is also more durable than other woods, so it’s worth considering it.

Nova Batu

Nova Batu hardwood decking is a great choice for a tropical home or pool. It has a classic look similar to that of Mahogany. The heartwood of Batu hardwood ranges from medium to deep red. It is commonly marked with white resin canals that extend from the end surface, creating a warm visual effect. Unlike many other kinds of wood, this hardwood is resistant to termites and is a durable, attractive option for decks.


Nova Batu hardwood decking has a classic look that resembles the rich look of Mahogany. The heartwood of this tropical hardwood ranges from a medium red to a dark red/brown shade and contains resin canals with white contents. These canals are reminiscent of Mahogany’s natural red color and give it a warm visual effect. Despite its price, it is a popular choice for many homeowners.

The Advantages Of Batu Decking

The distinctive beauty of Batu decking is very similar to that of Mahogany. The heartwood of this type of wood varies in color from light red to dark red. It is often flecked with white resin canals that run in concentric lines on the end surfaces. The result is a rich visual effect. This type of wood is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. It also looks beautiful and will match any style of home.


The distinctive look of Batu Hardwood Decking adds a touch of class to any outdoor project. The wood provides the rich classic look of many more expensive hardwoods and is durable. It also provides a rich, natural finish. For this reason, it is the preferred choice for decking and other outdoor projects. The wood’s natural durability and superior finish make it the preferred choice for exterior projects.


The color and pattern of Nova Batu hardwood decking are similar to that of Mahogany. The heartwood varies in color from red to brown and is characterized by white resin canals that run through the end surface. These white resin canals create a warm visual effect that enhances the beauty of the wood and adds warmth to the room. Choosing a Batu decking option is a great way to add character to your outdoor living space.

While Batu hardwood decking is available in 20′ lengths, it can fade quickly when exposed to the elements. This type of wood can be refinished. Using Penofin Hardwood Formula to protect and preserve the color of your Batu wood decking is a great way to prolong the beauty of your deck. Simply apply the product seasonally or as needed. However, you should not forget that it will need refinishing from time to time.

Despite its high price, Batu Hardwood Decking is an excellent choice for a wide range of outdoor projects. Its rich classic look is comparable to that of expensive woods. The durability of Batu Hardwood Decking makes it an ideal choice for a variety of outdoor projects. A unique natural finish is a great feature of this wood. The material is very resilient and durable, making it an excellent choice for decking.

NOVA BATU is a type of hardwood that closely resembles Mahogany in appearance. The heartwood of this hardwood varies from medium red to dark red/brown. It also features white resin canals that run through the end surfaces, producing a visually warm visual effect. Furthermore, Batu is an excellent choice for homes that need to be aesthetically appealing. The sanded surface of Nova Batu is durable and highly resistant.

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