5 Ways AWS Certification can Help you Excel in your Career

Cloud computing is strongly shaping the software industry in its journey forward. The wide range of services offered under cloud computing is making things a lot easier for the world of technology. As a result, more and more organizations are shifting towards cloud infrastructure. It has increased the demand for skilled professionals in this sector significantly. 

There are several big names like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud, and so on who provide various cloud computing services. But AWS (Amazon Web Services) tops the list as it holds more than 30% of the total cloud-computing market share. AWS also offers a more customizable approach which makes it a top pick for many multinational firms.

At the same time, Amazon also extends many certification programs under its web services. AWS certifications help the candidates get skilled in different job roles regarding Amazon cloud. Here we have discussed five ways an AWS certification course can help you reach your career objectives.

  • Better job opportunities

As mentioned above, almost every firm is now shifting to the ‘cloud’ for better organizational operations. And for the same reason, the need for skilled cloud practitioners has seen exponential growth. Accordingly, cloud computing is among the top ten in-demand skills on LinkedIn. As AWS is the leader in cloud security, the demand for positions like AWS cloud developer is constantly increasing. Therefore, getting trained with AWS DevOps cloud certification will surely open up better job opportunities so you can select the one that suits you the most.

  • Industry recognition

AWS certification training is widely recognized in the IT industry. The skills you achieve after going through the course material help you perform better at your job. This is why many employers look forward to candidates with authentic certification. Many big software firms give importance to a candidate with certified training over a formal university degree. Getting hands-on with the cloud practices gives an added advantage to the candidate and makes it easy for the employer to screen the applications. So, having the AWS certification adds extra weight to your resume and increases your chances of getting hired to the desired position.

  • Comfortable salaries

With more demand and less supply, AWS certified professionals are earning more than the average. Many official reports show that the average salary of AWS practitioners starts from $100,000 and can go up to $170,000 based on different levels.

Average salaries for different AWS certification job roles are:

Certification 2020 Average Salary (USD)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Level $148,456
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer $137,724
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate $130,883
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate $130,640
AWS Certified Developer Associate $130,272

Looking at the above table, getting an AWS training and certification is worth the time and money you invest into it.

  • Better work performance

AWS certificates train you well on the industry-relevant practices, which increases your overall understanding regarding a job role. And when you get professionally trained with the exact concepts that are applicable on a specific job, it makes you comfortable with the practice and improves your work performance when you go out on the job. This is also one of the reasons why employers prefer certified professionals over the ones with only a formal degree. 

  • An advantage to the company

Companies that employ AWS-certified professionals are given access to the AWS partner network (APN), where they are offered benefits like added usage support, training on the latest advancements, and many more. And to maintain this partnership status, companies are required to have a certain number of certified employees on their team. And the benefits are given in the partnership status improve a firm’s functionality to a certain level. At the same time, being official partners with AWS also portrays their proficiency in handling cloud services which eventually lands them more business. Hence, companies are always willing to keep the AWS certified practitioners in their team.

So, these are the five ways an AWS certification can help you land a core job in the technology sector, and at the same time, it will also help you grow your career graph rapidly with the right skill set.

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