About led solar streetlights by Glamor led.

Solar energy is sunlight that has been transformed into thermal or electrical energy. An unrenewable and eco-friendly new energy source is solar power. Solar street light is one of the practical applications of solar power.

Solar energy is becoming more and more common for lighting streets and other public areas. It is now a reliable source for illuminating streets all around the world. Our Glamor Led Solar Street lighting has many advantages, including energy conservation, using a conventional energy source, and reducing reliance on the power grid. In addition, this kind of light can be quite beneficial for tropical areas that get plenty of sunlight for most of the year.

Modern outdoor solar lighting options are powered by a built-in battery like ours, PV panels, intelligent sensors, and LED lights, all of which are housed within a small, portable unit. This type of lighting option is now a cost- and environmentally friendly approach to illuminating streets and public spaces.

Even if using solar energy as a lighting source is a cost-effective alternative, combining it with LED technology can save you a tonne of money. Long-lasting, maintenance-free, and renowned for their ability to save energy are LED lights. These solar LED luminaire specifications are ideal for lighting up streets, parks, and other areas.

Let’s look at some of our amazing products in this range to have a better idea


·        LED Street Light S3 Series

Our LED Street Light S3 Series has a PC lens built into it and is thin and elegant in design. It is available for many voltages, including 85-400V. It is so stable because it has a separate driver. Additional surge protection and photocell accessibility are provided. The holder can also be between 50 and 60mm. It features very affordable costs and a two-year warranty.

·        S2 Series LED Street Light

Our LED solar Street Light S2 Series is slim and stylishly designed with a PC lens. It is offered for a wide range of voltages, including 85-400V. Its unique driver is the reason why it is so stable. Access to photocells and additional surge protection are both available. The holder may also range in size from 50 to 60mm. It comes with a two-year warranty and very low prices.

·        SL01 Series – All In One Solar Street Light

It has a monocrystalline silicon solar panel and charges extremely quickly (6 to 8 hours); It features an MPPT solar charge that typically operates for 10 to 12 hours; It has a high lumen efficiency of 130lm/W. with PIR Sensor Control and an induction range of 6 to 8 metres;

Available controls include a remote, a light switch, or a PIR sensor. Additionally, it is wireless and water resistant IP65. The cost is quite affordable. It comes with a manual and a 2-year warranty.

People may rely on solar LED streetlights from Glamor LED because of their unbeatable and clever characteristics. The advantages of relying on Glamor LED include high efficacy SMD LEDs with secondary lens optics for even street lighting distribution, high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, and many more.

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