A complete guide for Total AV setup

Well, the best option to consider for the process of safety and security of the computers and the devices are using security-providing software. There are so many options that are available to consider. But still, it is mostly  that people do prefer Total AV over other software programs. The reason for that is that the software program is really easy as it comes to the process of download and the process of installation and the other processes associated with the Total AV antivirus are also easy to conduct .

But still for those who are not from proper technical backgrounds even the basic procedures do become a tough task. Such users of the software program are often seen struggling with easy procedures such as Total AV setup and installation. So, for all such users here in the guide we will see how they can download, install, and set up the Total AV antivirus on the device.

Download Total AV antivirus

In order to download the Total AV antivirus software program on the computer in an easy manner please follow the steps given below
  • On your computer open the browser
  • After that enter URL for the official Total AV website
  • Next, you should subscribe to Total AV for that please enter your details and pay for the product
  • After this on the webpage look for the download link and search for the application
  • Next, click on the link, and downloading of the Total AV antivirus will be completed
  • Wait for the downloading process to complete and then please close your browser window

We cannot only stop at downloading the application there is more that is there with it after completing the downloading procedure you will need to move to the process of setting up and installation.  Here further in the guide, we will see the process to follow for smooth setup and installation of the Total AV antivirus software program.

Total AV setup and installation on the computer

In order to do this, please follow the steps given below-
  • Look for the installer file where it is  on the system
  • For starting with the installation double click on the installer file in order to open it
  • If the user account control dialog box appears there please click on “yes”
  • Then as the installation wizard window opens click on the “install button”
  • See if the installation progress bar appears in the Window
  • Then as the installation process of the software program will complete the software will automatically open on the screen
  • It will then continue downloading the latest protection system for the process of virus removal
  • After this for starting the scan please click on the “green button”
  • The default setting for Total AV is scanning the computer weekly
  • You can also easily schedule your scan open the software and then choose the gear icon given in the window
  • Then under managing antivirus scans you can easily change the scan schedule settings for monthly or weekly purposes.

So, yes this is how you can easily download, install and setup Total AV, and then also you can set up Total AV antivirus software program on the computer or any device that is in use.


If you still need to know anything more, then for that you should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts. The experts are available at your service all the time there is no such issue or error in relation  to the software program that the team of technicians may fail to resolve all of them know it very well and are really skilled in the field of techniques.

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