7 Ways to Get People to Leave Reviews For Your Business

Who would you trust more when making a buying decision? The flashy advertisements on a giant billboard by the road? Or, would you trust people like you? Even as digital marketing trends evolve, nothing can cancel the importance of word of mouth. The modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations is online customer reviews.

For example, Myassignmenthelp.com, 91% of consumers use a company’s products and services after they have checked out positive Myassignmenthelp review, especially for local businesses. Moreover, in today’s virtual world, people trust online business reviews as much as suggestions from family and friends. So, online reviews can make all the difference that can change the fate of your business.

However, the most challenging part is garnering reviews from customers. That said, it isn’t anything impossible. Use these seven techniques to collect testimonials from your customers.

1. Collect customers’ email addresses during the billing

Ask the customer’s email ID right at the time of purchase while drawing the bill. Once you have the email IDs, you can send a follow up email after a week asking them to give honest feedback about their buying experience. Moreover, people who willingly share their email IDs and other contact details are likely to share their satisfactory experiences with others. Now, before you send the emails, just check what the most prominent review platforms say about getting and soliciting reviews.

2. Use in-store cards to encourage reviews

You can use banners, flyers, and brochures to request your customers to leave feedback as they wait at the billing counter while you create the invoice. If you have the budget, you can also have a separate kiosk where customers can leave their reviews on your business website via an in-store app. You can also use a QR code which buyers can scan to write a review. Since you will not be forcing your customers, they can follow the clear cues to give you their appreciation opinions as they wish.

3. Mention you want honest feedback

While indirectly asking for feedback can seem less annoying, that does not mean you do not request your customers verbally. When they visit your store, ask them how much an honest review from their end would mean for your business. But there is a thin line that you should not cross. You cannot be pestering. So, do not ask customers to leave a review when others are standing in a queue behind them. My suggestion is that you call the customers up later and request them to leave a review. This would apply both to in-store customers as well as online buyers.

4. Include review reminders on your website

Be honest here. Would you really want to spend your valuable time leaving a review on someone’s website when the process is tedious? Most customers don’t want to “learn” how to post a review because it doesn’t benefit them. Therefore, you must make it easy for your customers to leave a testimonial. Most importantly, the process should take the least time so that it doesn’t feel like a complete waste of a reviewer’s time. You can include call-to-action buttons and infrequent pop-ups that lead the buyers to the feedback page or other business review platforms like Topassignmentreviews.com, Essaycritics.com, My assignment help reviews. In addition, give the customers more than one option to leave a review. So, other than the feedback box, leave star ratings, smiley ratings and short pre-designed buttons with common phrases like “affordable services”, “good quality”, and “must buy”.

5. Leverage social media platforms

Jump on the bandwagon and create social media accounts for your business on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then use these platforms to ask your customers specific questions related to their purchases. You can also ask them about your brand’s performance in general.Again, this won’t be a compulsory thing. The interested customers can answer the questions and give you honest feedback.You can also create polls asking which products they prefer more or the particular service they want from you. You can also make it more engaging by requesting your customers to share fun stories about something closely related to your brand.

6. ALWAYS respond to the reviews

The process does not end with your customers leaving reviews. You need to complete the cycle by responding to their reviews and thanking them for sparing time. And don’t just offer a robotic ‘thank you’. Make your response personalized and unique. When customers see that you reply to every testimonial dutifully, people feel that you care about your customers’ sentiment. Also, do not make the mistake of ignoring negative reviews.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when responding to both positive and negative reviews:

  • Respond in less than 24 hours.
  • Write a meaningful and personal reply.
  • For negative reviews, provide compensation or an immediate resolution.

Also, do not just include positive reviews on your websites. Instead, throw in a few negative ones along with how you have resolved the problem to show how you tackle such issues.

7. Delight your customers with rewards

You cannot request your customers to leave positive reviews if they do not have a positive in-store experience. So, you need to make sure that your customers have only good things to say about your products or services. Understand this: a good experience will make the buyers feel somehow obliged to leave feedback.

Another trick you can use to motivate customers to leave feedback on your website or other review aggregator sites is to offer rewards. For example, you can offer rebates and coupons for every review that a customer writes. You can also send them cashbacks to acknowledge the good gesture.

Final Thoughts

Customer reviews act as social proof for your business, thus strengthening your brand authority in the market. Moreover, online reviews are also the best and most organic way to attract new leads and visitors to your website. Therefore, positive reviews help you gain a better ranking and convert your prospects into customers.

So, use the tactics mentioned above to make customers take time from their busy schedules to leave reviews for your business.

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