5 Tips to Write a Good Quality University Assignment

Writing assignments is not an easy job done. Demands a lot of time and hard work grow in quality, and being well informed. Writing assignments is almost a nightmare for students of all age groups. Yet, you can ha find students who love doing assignments. Even sometimes, teachers use it to their advantage. For example, they often say, “Remain quiet or else I will give you a new assignment.”

But to be honest, the real purpose behind the assignment is not to threaten students or punish them. Instead, assignments were introduced to boost their learning capacity and, ultimately, their subject knowledge.

You must know the correct process to make your work easier and enhance your assignments’ quality. A one-line summative tip for writing assignments would be that they do not just pour in information but rather provide a proper shape.

In that note, here are a few detailed tips for writing a good university assignment –

  • Use relevant sources

While writing assignments, remember that every piece of information is crucial. To understand the topic properly, it is better to have all the information you can access. Though it is not necessary to put all those information in your assignment, it is essential to know all of it. The more information you read and collect, you will understand the diversity of the topic you are working on.

Also, too much information can help you know the angle you are comfortable working with. Hence try to use most of the sources for the information you have access to. Some might give you particular insights, and others provide you with others. Whatever you receive will help you deepen your thoughts on the subject.

  • Say NO to plagiarism

Remember that content plagiarism is an absolute no. This will create a wrong impression about you before the evaluators and give them a chance to deduct your marks. Hence wholly try to avoid plagiarism in your content. For example, suppose you want to put some information in your assignment from a source implying the same meaning.

In such a situation, either you can provide a relevant reference or use the paraphrasing tool. These days there are numerous paraphrasing tools available over the internet, which you can use for free. You only have to copy the portion you want to write, place it in the text box within the tool and then paraphrase it. The device will help you write the same information, implying the same meaning using different words.

  • Do proper planning

Proper planning is required at the beginning of each type of work. It helps in better execution of the varied processes involved in the completion. For example, writing assignments can be long enough. Without proper planning, it can successfully create a lot of confusion while in the process. This is why it is advisable to choke out an outline of the flow of work to give you an initial idea of what’s coming up next. This will provide you with time to prepare for the same.

Also, whenever you have a work plan, the work becomes organized. While planning, you must decide on the number of headings and sub-headings you are planning to use. The order in which you will use them and the information sources you will use for each section. Need not mention that proper planning will save your time as well.

  • Choose the right words

While stating facts or giving an opinion in your assignment, try to be as direct as possible. State whatever is in your mind, directly maintaining the active voice. Secondly, choose a set of simple words that the reader can understand at one go. Often usage of rare and challenging vocabulary distracts the readers’ attention and makes the article they are reading very monotonous.

You have to learn to use the most straightforward words to avoid this. Also, never forget that you have to maintain a formal tone while writing your assignment. It is essential because academic tasks demand standard language and style. It is imperative to keep this in mind, especially in the modern generation of social media. Most of you are very comfortable with the colloquial language you use every day. But using that in your assignment is not allowed.

  • Edit and proofread

This is the final step in writing your assignment. But though last, it is not the least. This will help you identify the flaws and errors are in your content. You must give enough time to edit the article and make the required and necessary changes in the assignment. But this is only possible if you have some buffer time in your hand. If you finish your assignment just the night before the deadline and think that you can revise it once for perfection, you must know that it is way more than that.

You must at least go through the content more than once to find all the minute details. You must ensure that you have included all the necessary information as you had thought about, that too in the same way that you had planned. Next, you must look for the grammatical errors and typos in your article and change them accordingly. These days their various tools can help you with the grammar and spelling checking part.


Assignment writing is the hideous job of your entire school, college and university life. Students are often anxious about writing the perfect assignment and thus look for assignment writing service online. But if done in a step-by-step process, it can emerge to be very valuable and give you a chance to get the desired scores. These 5 tips – use all sources of information, say no to plagiarism, do proper planning, choose the right words, edit and proofread – can help you write an excellent assignment.

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