5 Effective Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Employees

“The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison,” said James Cash Penney, an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded the J. C. Penney stores in 1902.

If you are passionate to grow your business then you need to make sure that your employees stay happy and satisfied with the business. Employees are the most crucial part of every business and if they are not happy in the business then it can put a bad impact on the business growth. Leaders need to find some unique ways to keep their employees motivated in the office so that they can stay focused and determined towards their work and it also helps in increasing productivity and engagement at the workplace.

Here are five effective ways to motivate and engage your employees:

Set goals and recognize success:

Although the work culture in the office is full of workload and can be daunting sometimes if the employees work the same task every day then they will easily get bored and lose their focus. Employees want new challenges so that they can keep their productivity alive. Leaders need to provide their people will achievable goals and empower them to work in collaboration to achieve those goals. Also, to keep your employees motivated all the time, make sure to recognize and appreciate their hard work so that they can feel valued in the business.


Active listening comes along with the qualities of effective communication skills. Your effective communication skill can make people attracted to you. In the same way, active listening helps the leader to understand others more deeply and it also allows others to feel valued and respected. When an employee shares their issues with the leader, leaders need to listen to their problems carefully to understand their situations and offer them better support to resolve their problems.

Pay them well:

Most of the employees work to earn money. This is the real truth and if the employees are not getting paid on time or getting less paid then they will become unsatisfied with the business and can leave the business. Leaders should make sure that their people receive on-time salaries and whenever they show extraordinary performance or provide hard work than offering them rewards or bonuses can keep them motivated in the office. Also, it will encourage other employees to work hard and achieve those rewards.

Care about their future:

Leaders need to invest some of their precious time in connecting with their employees. This will allow them to establish a good relationship with the employees. Also, leaders should guide their employees with new ways and tricks to handle any difficult situation in the office and encourage them to learn new skills to improve their performance.

Encourage teamwork:

Working on a task individually can take much time and energy. Leaders should empower their employees to work in a team to achieve better and faster work results. When employees work in a team then it can increase productivity and engagement in the office and it will offer better growth to the business.

Trevor Koverko, Co-founder of Polymath Network and a successful businessman who has been working hard to help the upcoming leaders to understand the importance of teamwork and how it can grow a business effectively. Trevor Koverko was also a famous hockey player for the Ontario Hockey League where he created lots of die-hard fans.

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