5 Cute Hairstyles for Small Child

5 Cute Hairstyles for 1 Small Child

Having a baby is an exciting time. Babies are always growing and changing, and as a parent, you want to capture those special moments. Cute baby photos and videos with special hairstyles can provide lasting memories. There are many hairstyles you can do with a one-year-old. Check out our top 5 cute baby hairstyles for 1-year-olds.

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A popular style for toddlers, Cornrows are easy to do and keep the hair out of their face. This style can be dressed up or down, making it versatile for any occasion. To create Cornrows, part the hair in to thin sections and braid each one towards the back of the head. Secure with an elastic band and repeat until all of the hair is braided. For a more polished look, use a tiny amount of hair oil or gel to smooth down flyaways.

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French Braids

French braids are a cute and classic hairstyles that can be worn for any occasion. The best part about this style is that it is easy to do and can be tailored to fit any length of hair. To French braid, a one-year-old’s hair, start by dividing the hair into three sections. Take the section on the right and cross it over the middle section. Now take the section on the left and cross it over the middle. Continue this pattern, alternating sections, until you reach the end of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band and you’re done!


Toddlers are often just starting to get their hair long enough to style, and what better way to show it off than with a fun, unique hairstyle? If your little one is anywhere from 1 to 3 years old, one of these 5 styles will be perfect. Our favorite is knots. This style is easy to do and looks so cute! All you need is a little baby hair gel to keep everything in place.


If your little one has long hair, locks are a great option because they’ll grow out without having to be cut. All you have to do is twist the hair into locks and secure them with rubber bands or hair ties. They can be worn in a low bun, a high bun, or as a ponytail. 

Locs for toddlers is one of our favorite hairstyles to try. The style is quick and easy, and it takes a short length of hair to give the look. This way, even girls at a young age can get their hair done. If the weather is too hot for loss, try a cute, cute bow or clip.


Puffs are a great hairstyle for any age, but they’re especially perfect for 1-year-olds. They’re simple, quick, and easy to do, and they look adorable on any little one. Here’s how to do them.

Whether you’re interested in keeping up with the latest toddler trends or just want to amp up your cuteness game, these easy hairstyles for 1-year-olds are quick and fun. Whether your daughter is just learning how to throw a fit or has the pout down pat, keep her looking cute by giving her one of these five sweet styles.

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