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3 Body Contour Treatments Bringing You a Step Closer to Success

3 Body Contour Treatments

Browse through the long list of successful celebrities and you will find one common trait in all of them- Beauty. More so, it is said to even surpass the talent levels too. Nevertheless, they have an impeccable taste in uplifting and fine-tuning their body images that complements their talent game. Hence, the god and goddess like beauty from the tales we grew up watching and reading.

Even when the proficient makeup artists can work on the features of an artist to align it with the character’s requirements, some still feel the need to fill this gap. While it may be a taboo in the current society, it still continues to prevail.

Procedures like Rhinoplasty, CoolSculpting, Abdominoplasty, arm lift, buttock augmentation are some of the most sought-after treatments. This is especially the case in the metropolis city of Dubai. In recent years, it has  emerged as a famous cosmetic surgery hub, attracting international celebrities and general audiences. Even if all the celebrities refuse to open up about these treatments, they still constitute a major chunk of the showbiz industry.

Having said that, here is a look at some of the facial and body contour treatments that continue to deliver impeccable results:

Whether you want to eliminate your nose imperfections or simply want to enhance the breathing functions like Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical got it done, it is entirely the client’s decision. Either way, it works to improve the facial balance and give a much-wanted peace of mind to the client.

With the incorporation of anesthesia, the patients fall unconscious before beginning this surgical process. Then the cuts and incisions work to separate the skin from the bone and begin the reshaping process. Sometimes there is a need to trim the boat, while at others an implant or a bone graft can deliver the perfect results.

Experts of Rhinoplasty in Dubai always advise the clients to remain patient and remain careful with the work chores as the nose recovers in the following weeks. Once the numbness has fallen and the bone recovered, one can see the final results. One can also show up for a follow-up surgery for final touches.

  • Emsulpt

Emsulpt is a non-invasive body contour treatment that has earned itself a reputable name in the world of dermatology and plastic surgery. With some of the most impressive and fat-burning and muscle toning properties, it gives zero downtime to its clients. Well, it is no wonder that Meghan Fox from the Transformers opted for this treatment to boost her fitness regime, and quite well so, it went up.

Being a non-surgical treatment, this allows a gain in 25% of the current weight and reduces 30% of the weight. In other words, this is a quicker fix than undergoing an intense workout. Instead, one just has to lie down flat in the dermatologist’s office, connect to the machine and relax. The machine will send some electromagnetic waves that will burn the fat cells and strengthen the muscle fibers.

However, it is still wise to visit the doctor and take their consultation into consideration. After all, not every human has the same muscle fibers or fat levels, and their expert advice will help you make the best choice.

  • CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting took into account the subtle science of freezing fat cells and then eliminating them away. Celebrities with flawless personalities like that of Jennifer Aniston from laughter filled Friends season, have undergone this process. While it might sound like a pure shock to many, yet it’s always better to get rid of any stubborn fat pockets completely.

Popularly known as the Cryolipolysis, it places two flat panels on areas where the fat is deposited. Once on, cool the fat to a freezing temperature. There is no need to send the patient under anesthesia, instead a numbing cream simply numbs the specified area.

Moreover, it works to eliminate as much as 25% of the fat. It then escapes the body through the natural excretory process. However, it can take up to a few weeks for the broken fat cells to completely eliminate the body. During this time, experts of CoolSculpting in Dubai advise the client to practice a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve optimal results.

Shine Above the Imperfections

Imperfections exist and with the help of science, people have invented ways to overcome them. These treatments have allowed them to overlook the obstacles and rise above the insecurities. Thereby coming forth with impeccable levels of confidence, self-esteem and moving towards the path of success and growth.

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