Business Intelligence (BI)it is set up as a set of software and hardware tools that come to support the management process by making it more efficient and to provide real-time decision support with Al Rafay Global. Due to the large volume of data and its presentation in various forms (ERP applications, CRM, axles files, etc.) existing in a company, Business Intelligence solutions gather this data and bring it in an accessible format, obtaining reports complete and easy to follow. A strong point of this type of application is that it allows us to do “drill down” type analysis (digging deep). These assume that we start from large volumes of information presented synthetically and lower the analysis to the lowest level, in order to be able to understand certain syncope’s in the company’s activity.

Advantages of a BI solution :

  1. real-time control of activities and costs;
  2. thanks to “what if” options, predictions can be easily obtained;
  3. have integrated tools that allow very easy definition of new reports, specific to the activity carried out and the
  4. areas of analysis submitted to the attention of the company’s management;
  5. presents millions of records in a synthetic form and very easy to follow;
  6. allow you to follow in real time indicators such as: – financial analysis – accounting, evolution of partners’
  7. balances, evolution of treasury, profit margins, expense monitoring, inventory tracking, automatic monitoring
  8. and alerts, tracking and analysis of resource consumption;
  9. the ability to extract data from different and very large databases, as well as from other data sources;
  10. presenting the information in a form that is easy to view and access (the information is presented in graphical
  11. form, which through simple actions such as “drag & drop” gives us access to all the details and all this in a
  12. very short time.);
  13. handling data in a compact form (greatly reducing the size of the database), allowing database queries with
  14. very short response times and significantly reducing the time to access reports.
  15. active internet connection (PDA, tablet, iPad, tab, etc.), being independent of the operating system running on these devices.

Improve business performance

In order to maximize the company’s profit. Improve business performance. Constantly monitor the business, make the best decisions and in a timely manner. Solution together with a BI solution.
Having a management reporting component that presents information only from the system. Without offering the possibility to connect to other data sources within the company. Business Intelligence solutions are the only solutions that allow the collection. And use of all sources of information necessary to substantiate decisions. Also, BI solutions allow the transition from a management based on decisions. Made based on past events to a successful management, whose decisions are based. On forecasting and prediction of the business environment.

Establish a trust relationship between your Authentication Broker and the Authentication Broker of the business services that your users needs to access. Use tokens issued by your own Authentication Broker to obtain tokens from the other Authentication Broker and send those obtained tokens to the business services that doesn’t accept your tokens.

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