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14 Actionable Garage Organization Ideas for Busy Homeowners

According to a survey, around 63% of homes in the US have a garage, which means nearly 1 out of 2 homes has a proper garage.

But garages are not the most “well kept” place in a home. You’ll often find garages stuffed and untidy. Decluttering your garage can become challenging for you. However, reading the fifteen tips mentioned here will make garage organization easier for you – keep reading till the end!

1.      Start with floor planning

Placing everything on the garage floor won’t help you control clutter. You have to divide free floor space into segments to keep your garage tidy. Marking areas on the garage floor will help you place items nicely.

Here are four basic garage floor planning tips that you should adopt:

  1. Keep the “frequently used together” items near each other.
  2. Put the items you rarely use away from the door.
  3. Place your bikes close to the garage door.
  4. Store bulky items away from your car.

2.      Sort all the items

We all have several items in the garage that are hardly used. Keeping these items “frequently used” is not a good idea, and this is why you must sort items in your garage. Sorting will help you identify the items you don’t need and can sell or donate.

Here is how you can sort the items:

  1. Items you regularly use like sporting equipment.
  2. Items you use seasonally like decoration items.
  3. Items you no longer need like old appliances.

3.      Labeling can do wonders

Organizing the garage can get easier if you label items properly. Labeling will allow you to divide the sorted items into different categories. You will find it easier to locate an item in the future if you’ve labeled it properly.

You can use a label maker for the labeling job. Set some time aside on your weekends for labeling, as it can take a lot of time if you have a plethora of items in your garage.

4.      Install an overhead storage system

What if you don’t have enough space to place cabinets? An overhead storage system is a better option to manage items instead of shelves and racks.

You should look for the Best Garage Storage Lift to store items effectively and remove clutter from the garage floor. Place the overhead storage system far from the door, so you don’t bump into it every time you enter the garage.

5.      Buy garage organization items

Organization items can make your life easier as a homeowner. You can put items in organizers like little bins so your items don’t keep rolling on the floor. Some of the organizer items are:

  • Clear plastic bins
  • Clear jars with lids
  • Lockable cabinets

Plastic bins come in different sizes and shapes. You can use old food jars if you don’t want to buy additional jars for your garage.

6.      Put items on shelves

Many people think of closed cabinets to store items in the garage. However, open shelves are way better than closed cabinets as they let you see what items you’ve stored.

Closed cabinets with doors let you “hide” mess which encourages you to avoid cleanup. Opt for open shelves so you are motivated to keep your garage decluttered.

7.      Improve the visual appeal

Will you ever be motivated to clean your garage if you don’t invest in it? Improving the visual appeal of your garage will make you declutter your garage from time to time. Painting the walls of your garage is a great option as you’d want to keep the walls and overall as clean as possible.

8.      Make good use of space

You’d never be able to declutter your garage if you don’t use the free space properly. Make smart choices in your garage so you don’t find things difficult in the future. For example, if you are installing a couple of cabinets, you should keep some free space underneath so you can clean the floor easily.

9.      Organize the tools carefully

It’s easier to lose your tools if so many items are spread throughout the garage. Organization of tools will ensure that you don’t lose your valuable tools. Buy a tool storage shelf that comes with wheels so you can take the tools outside the garage easily.

10. Keep your garage well-lit

Would you like to visit your garage if it looks creepy and dark? You’d only want to spend your time decluttering your garage if it’s bright and well-lit. Installation of LED lights will make it easier for you to see through items. Don’t rely on good ol’ flashlights as they don’t allow you to see dust and dirt clearly. 

11. Install a pegboard

Labeling the “odd” items and putting them in one place is not easy. However, you can manage such items easily if you install a pegboard in your garage. You can easily put hooks or shelves on a pegboard.

Placing items on the pegboard is not less than an “art.” Pegboards are not only meant for “mechanic tools” as you can place gardening tools or craft items on this board easily.

12. Avoid weather damage

Keeping your garage safe from weather damage is something you shouldn’t ignore. Increased humidity or excessive rain can ruin your valuable items. Check the roof of your garage to ensure that rainwater doesn’t leak through it.

Common baskets cannot withstand water and humidity. You should choose watertight baskets as they keep the moisture out and keep your items safe.

13. Involve everyone in garage management

It’s not only your job to keep the garage decluttered. Everyone in your family should play their part in managing the garage the right way. Make a schedule of “garage organization” so all family members spend time keeping the garage clean and decluttered.

14. Get rid of useless items

You don’t have to keep every single item in your garage for years. In case you no longer need an item, you should either sell it or donate it to a charity. Sorting and labeling items can help you identify the items you no longer need. Make a schedule for rechecking the items every six months so you can get rid of useless stuff. 

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