10 tips for buying a cheap car

We give you 10 tips to buy a cheap car, from finances and budgets to the insurance you need for your car. Acquiring a vehicle, whether out of necessity or pleasure, is an important investment that we must evaluate in detail so that it does not affect our finances. In this article you will find 10 tips to buy a much cheaper car.

1. Evaluate your ability to pay

The first thing you should do before making any type of purchase is to carefully evaluate your personal finances.

Make a general balance with your income and expenses to determine whether or not it is possible to make a purchase as large as a car.

If what you want is to buy a cheap car, you will have to adjust your income and expenses so that they fit without affecting your lifestyle.

2. Set a budget

Related to the previous point, one of the main things you should do to get a cheaper car is to establish a purchase budget. Do not get carried away by your emotions, remember to stick to your budget and not spend more for anything in the world.

3. Check the used vehicles section

It is no secret to anyone that buying a new vehicle is not always a good investment, especially if it is a vehicle for personal use that does not generate any income.

Therefore, if you want to buy a cheap car, the third piece of advice we give you is to check the section of used or semi-new vehicles. In Mexico there is a wide variety of these in the market that you can get at very good prices.

Remember that if you are going to buy a used vehicle you should look at its conditions, such as how much mileage it has, what condition its brakes are in, whether or not it has the necessary safety measures, its age and the use it used to give it.

Also, if you decide to buy a used car, ask its owner about its legality, if it is duly imported, and about the invoices for the modified parts, among others.

4. Check the conditions of the vehicle

Closely related to the previous point, in case you decide to acquire a used vehicle, you should review in detail the way in which the car of your choice is located.

Do not trust those vehicles that, due to their characteristics, model or age, are offered at very low prices, as it could be a trap and the vehicle could actually be in worse condition than thought. You have to know how to buy a cheap car.

Remember that many times cheap is expensive. If you buy a used vehicle, try to make sure that it is not too old, that the parts are easy to get and that if it has repairs, they are minimal so that your budget does not increase.

5. Stay away from the coyotes, so you will not be able to buy a cheap car

If you want to buy a cheap car, you should stay away from the so-called Coyotes, or these huge lots with hundreds of vehicles.

The reason to stay away from these places is simple: most sellers are primarily concerned with selling the vehicle at any cost without even telling you what problems the car has.

We recommend you go to an agency or recognized sites, this way your money will not be at risk and future expenses will be cheaper.

6. Cheap car Do not despair

Keep calm and do not despair, choosing and finding a much cheaper vehicle is not a one-day task, buying a cheap car takes time.

Look for different options in the market of the city where you are, make several physical visits and inspection of the vehicle in which you are interested and do not let yourself be driven by your instincts. Stay calm to find the vehicle that best suits your needs and budget.

7. Buy cheap cars Check the blue book to know competitive prices

We have all come to hear about the Blue Book. Well, this “book” is a standardized guide to know the prices of vehicles in the Mexican Republic.

If you check the online version here , or the version you will find a catalog that is sorted by brand. Thus, once you have identified the make of the car you want to consult, you must search for the model and its versions.

In this guide you can find the suggested purchase and sale price on the right side of the information of the vehicle that interests you, which will tell you if the car you want to buy is a cheap car or if it is very expensive.

8. Cheap car Consider the cost of financing

The eighth tip to acquire a cheap vehicle is to take into account the type of financing and its period. Whether you decide to buy a new or used vehicle, if you opt for financing, you must take into account the interest rate and what benefits your credit offers you.

It will always be much cheaper to make a cash purchase, but in case you have to finance, try not to use the entire vehicle but only a part. In this way, the interest you will pay will be lower and you will not exceed your purchase budget.

9. Cheap car Avoid extras in the vehicle

Whether it is a new or used vehicle, avoid accessories or additional parts as this will significantly increase the cost of your car.

Do not be fooled by those promotions that offer you luxury accessories at an affordable price, because in reality you are buying things that you will not really need, increasing your expenses.

10. Cheap car Buy your car insurance

The last but not least advice that we give you is that you acquire your car insurance almost immediately. Remember that none of us is exempt from accidents, even if they occur leaving the vehicle agency.

Within your initial budget you should consider insurance for your car that suits your needs and those of your vehicle. This will always be an investment and a financial backup in case some unfortunate event happens to you.

In addition to these tips, keep in mind that even if you buy a cheap vehicle, you must take into account the monthly expenses it requires, such as: credit, gasoline, insurance, maintenance and cleaning.

These are 10 ways to find and buy a cheap vehicle. Give your vehicle the protection it needs with auto insurance. Contact us here to quote this policy.

Where can I buy my auto insurance?

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